Monday, November 2, 2009


Ever wonder what makes your child 'tick'? What goes on in their head sometimes? What fascinates them?

And then one day you notice that your daughter runs to the kitchen an awful lot. And stares at the clock. And you find out that what literally makes her 'tick' is the ticking of time. Seriously. Lily is in awe of "O'Clocks", as she calls them. She will watch the time wherever she is and when it's close to an o'clock, come running to the kitchen. You see, there you can catch the o'clock on THREE clocks: the radio/cd player, stove and the microwave. It is a clock carnival in here!

It's pretty cute, really. Although slightly odd. She's even declared numerous times that her favorite times are 12:00 and 6:00. Why? Simply because of the way that the hands line up on the face of the clock in the living room.

So now rather than feeling like I'm being followed and monitored in my kitchen when Lily suddenly appears, I look to the clock and realize that it's time for my daughter's (almost) hourly fixation. At least I know where to find her when the hour approaches.


  1. Thanks for the smile today! What a cute story!

  2. How precious is this?!

    Isn't it amazing what fascinates them? But then again, when I see what fascinates my kids and can see through their eyes for a brief moment, I am reminded of how the things I see as simple are actually quite amazing. And I take these amazing things for granted everyday.


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