Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When Winter Won't Budge

Why not take on a little sewing project when winter won't cooperate and move along?

That's what I did last week. Well, actually, I FINALLY did it last week. I had intended since after Christmas sometime to get some new valances sewn up for my kitchen and dining room windows. I promised myself I'd get to them eventually and set a deadline for Jonah's First Communion since we'd be having company.

Well, mission accomplished with only a little over a week to spare!

I wanted to brighten up the spaces a little and throw in a nice accent with my terra cotta colored walls. I found a valance on Pinterest that wasn't gathered or pleated and looked easy enough for my limited sewing talent. It also only took minimal fabric as it just folds up and under and hangs straight- double win. A flying trip to JoAnn's, a little perusing and I finally narrowed it down between two prints. A little consult with the very nice older(ish) lady at the cutting counter and I made my decision.

Please pardon the lack of good quality photos. I seemed to be having some lighting issues that day.



Thanks to a coupon I had, the total project redo only cost around $17 and a small portion of the afternoon to whip them up. 

Not bad, huh?

And now, how about no more winter talk. It's almost May for crying out loud!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring And New Life

Someone FINALLY kicked winter in the pants and let spring arrive. Thank goodness! With temperatures in the sixties and near seventy, we are positively giddy with gladness.

When I took the kids outside on Friday and felt the sun, heard the birds singing and watched the kids play, I almost could have wept. It was like being given sight and hearing like never before.

Never were the sounds so welcome, the sun's radiant heat so glorious.

The kids, well, they were all like calves in springtime frolicking around. Who could blame them?

With spring lingering in the air, I figured I would finally post pictures of the springtime wreath I made.

I put it up at Easter time thinking spring was really around the corner, ha! That feels like forever ago now!

I gathered some PINspiration (inspiration from Pinterest...catchy, huh?) and found several ideas. I wanted springy and cheery, along with cheap and easy.

I went to my local JoAnn fabrics store and started gathering. Lily and I found this fat roll (I have no idea what they call it) of different shades of blue fabric strips. I then based the rest of the wreath off of those colors and what worked with it and complimented it.

I started by picking out which shades of the blue I was going to use from my roll and starting wrapping my wreath. I just used hot glue to fasten the beginning and end of each color before starting a new color. Super easy!

After that, it was just a matter of adding embellishments.

And, presto, spring wreath!!

Finally, since my post title indicated new life, I had to include that with spring came TWO new lives last week. I became great auntie for the 8th and 9th time! A little great nephew was added to the crew (boys are seriously behind!) on Monday and a little great niece on Tuesday.

Of course, I have to share photos of the great niece (aka. neighbor down the road) Natalie Marie, because she is just too sweet. What a peanut girl.

We are so blessed with more little ones in our family to enjoy and a little Natalie on this side of heaven to love.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Theme Thursday: SKY

 Jumping in on Theme Thursday for a second week in a row. I'm on a roll people!

I took this photo the other evening after another blast of snow in the afternoon. I walked past the window and caught the bright pink out of the corner of my eye. I gazed at it for a moment and then  happened to remember that this week's theme was SKY. I ran for my camera in a jiffy.

Hopefully, hopefully, this is the last snow I will be photographing this SPRING. 

Please, Lord, let it be so.

It's even supposed to be 65 degrees tomorrow! Woot!

See all the other beautiful SKY over at Cari's today. The photographic talent is far more superior to mine, so you definitely want to stop over there.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pope Speak: JOY

In a world so troubled, so uncertain, it's easy to lose our peace and security.

It's easy to lose our joy.

But our shepherd reminds us that our Good Shepherd is always there to meet us and grow in relationship with us. What a poignant reminder.

'It is the joy of faith, the joy of having encountered Jesus, the joy that only Jesus gives us, the joy that gives peace: not what the world gives, but what Jesus gives. This is our faith. We ask the Lord to help us grow in this faith, this faith that makes us strong, that makes us joyful, this faith that always begins with our encounter with Jesus and always continues throughout our lives in our small daily encounters with Jesus.'

-Pope Francis

April 18, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013


Putting aside the nasty weather that kicked us in the gut, we still forged ahead on Saturday and pretended it was spring. We had a birthday to celebrate, after all.

Jonah had the idea several weeks ago that he was bound and determined to have a pinata this year.

I figured we'd do our best and see what we could do.

Going with an Angry Birds theme, I figured that would be easy and it really was.

Enter Pinterest and this great tutorial that helped us out.

It really became a fun project where everyone could help. It ended up being a good mother-son project for us last week.

And the pinata did not disappoint.

(Angry Birds templates helped with the face, thank goodness.)

As always, a small family birthday gathering with just enough kids to take a good whack at 
Red Bird.

We had a blast!

One day, many years back I made the mistake of setting the bar pretty high. I started the tradition of asking my kids what kind of cake they wanted and how they wanted it decorated. 

Well sure, I was going for Mom of the Year or back then I just had more time. While I do my best to please their tastes, it's not always easy, especially when they have pretty high expectations.

You know, because I'm a professional baker/cake decorator and all, I can just automatically do super-fantabulous cakes. 

Well, I try. Really hard.

Jonah chose to use pieces from an Angry Birds game he has as the decorations on top.

We then just made a marble cake and at the last minute I tried making the easiest Chocolate Buttercream frosting. It was a success! Y-U-M.

Yesterday, his birthday day, we kept things low key. Lily has been sick off and on for days and had a relapse on Saturday night, so it was a good thing most of the celebrating had already been done.

Jonah and his buddy, before Mass:

Seeing that everyone survived the night and seemed to be doing better, we went and hit up Cherry Berry. It was Birthday Boy's choice and of course the rest of us didn't complain.

In the end, the birthday weekend was a success, albeit in the midst of sickness. 

Jonah had a very good weekend celebrating and enjoyed every minute of being king 
(and the gifts too)!

Shortly after our arrival home from town, Gianna got sick. I pray we can kick this ickiness because  this mama and puke don't mix.

Hope you all had a great (and healthy) weekend!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hubby & Hair

 I know, I know, the two do not go together.
(You've seen my husband, right?)

We were long overdue for a lovey photo together, so I had Lily snap a few today. 

See? We're occasionally together. He's such a good one, that guy. He deserves a random shout-out every once in a while.

Now to the hair. MY hair to be precise. Anyone notice?

It was time for a new change again. Due to winter hair/falling out hair, I decided to go short again. So far this is working out really well. I can run/exercise and only pin back a little or put in a headband. The rest of the time I can either put in some product and let it go wavy or straighten it. 

I haven't regretted the chop yet. Hooray!

And that, my friends is my latest Honey Do update. I bet you all just couldn't live without that, huh?

I hope your weekend is going well and full of family, friends and fun.

Now, back to more partying with my birthday boy.

Lucky you, I'll be posting birthday pics on Monday. 
You may thank me later.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Forever Winter

When you awake to this on April 18th, you kind of decide that spring really and truly isn't coming this year.

Since I've been praying for no more snow since about the beginning of the new year, it's starting to really feel like a prison sentence. 

I mean, for real. Enough is enough you old winter. I need all FOUR of my seasons and I fear that we'll skip spring all together if this keeps up. Don't make me step up my game and for really and for true and contemplate some type of move. Or move back into hibernation.

someecards.com - Let's bond over the periodic inconvenience of atmospheric precipitation

Oh, and Winter, my son's birthday on April 21st is generally in spring. We're celebrating tomorrow with a pinata and apparently we'll enjoy that in the heated garage as the high temperature is only supposed to be 37 degrees outside.

Really, it's not me, it's YOU. We already were on rough terms in our relationship, but this year you really ruined it and you just made your #1 enemy.

someecards.com - This Earth Day, sell all your winter gear

I have never, ever looked so forward to Earth Day when I will celebrate by pretending my grass is green brown instead of white. We will wear short sleeved shirts, even if it is only 30-something degrees.

I will paint my toenails and wear my flip flops.

I will pretend I'm out in the backyard with Patty sipping wine.

I'll keep dreaming in pastels of spring and bright vivid tulips while I await your demise, 
Old Man Winter. 

Spring will arrive, one day.

I just hope it's very soon.

**Edit: I wrote this post yesterday. There is even more snow out my window today, but I won't even bother you with the photos. It's a spring winter wonderland out there. I think I'll go close the curtains now and pretend my entire yard isn't covered in a foot of whiteness. Ignorance is bliss, you know.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Theme Thursday: Boys

 Joining Cari today for Theme Thursday. 

These photos were taken last summer while on vacation and are two of my all time favorites. 

Father and son. My boys. Love 'em!

A couple of minor edits to make these come out like brand new again.

Now, go check out all the other BOYS at the Clan!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sometimes Quiet

The quiet doesn't happen much here. 

Well, here on my blog, it does.
HERE, at my house, it does not.

Quiet lends itself to thought.
Quiet leads me to focus on others and not myself or the long list of to-do.
Quiet reminds me that God is here, even when my world is spinning loudly.

It allows me to nurture.

To breathe before the height of the busy season before me comes crashing in.

Recently, my husband said "I need to get out to your blog and read it. I don't remember the last post I read." To which I replied, "That's OK, you haven't missed much. It doesn't matter any way, you live my blog with me in real life, in real time. You don't need to read about it." 

He came back with "I know, but I like to read your blog and what you write about. Plus, I enjoy reading the comments." I laughed because what was just as fun for me (reading blogs and the comments), he hinted was equally rewarding for him.

The weeks ahead will be full enough and there will be plenty to blog about, rest assured.

IF Spring ever comes, there will be lots to do and enjoy outside again.

I've got an almost eight year old boy with a birthday and a sacramental celebration in a couple weeks.

School to try and drag out wrap up in another six weeks.

Swimming lessons for the big kids next month.

A certain homeschool conference that we just registered for.

Perhaps more potty training willingness from Gianna will lead to more success.

And so many other things that keep popping up that make my head spin.

It looks like my husband will have lots of catching up to do when he does finally get around to reading here.

He'd probably agree that it's more fun just living it and thinking about how awesome it would come across in a blog post.

I hope that you are finding days that allow for the sometimes quiet in your life too.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


This is the picture that hangs on our fridge.

This is the girl who lives in our house.

This is the girl that has a little secret she keeps.

This is the girl who loves the Pope. Pope "Fransa" to be precise.
She calls him by name and waves to him every day.
She asks to see his picture in the paper.
Then clearly states "Pope lost gwasses (glasses). He funny. Funny Pope."

This is the girl who stands in the kitchen, puts up her hand as if to wave and says "Hi". She does it in the exact manner that he did. And then she laughs.

This is the girl, always eager to give her Papa a high five.
She's all like "wassup, Papa?! how you doin' today?"

Not even kidding.

She's definitely in love, but then, who isn't?

Each day we keep praying for his safety because he's kind of a busy guy who likes to do things a little differently. Sneaky guy. I call him a stinker, but don't tell him that.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend him and protect him!

Monday, April 1, 2013

This Is How We Do It: Easter!

The annual Easter egg hunt went on as planned on Saturday, despite plenty of snow attempting to thwart the hunters. This year there were NINE little hunters and sure to be at least two more (no, not an announcement from me) next year! The boy to girl ratio is 3:6 (baby in carseat is a boy), so those boys clearly need to catch up.

Nothing like slushy, dirty snow for the toddler to roam in and find her eggs.

My big kids are instructed to leave the obvious, easier ones for the little kids, so clearly their job is a little more difficult.

When one year olds don't do slushy snow walking, the parents get to do most of the work.

The kids enjoy the loot afterward. Each child gets to find ten eggs and each holds a $1 gold coin. Sweet deal, huh?

The eggs are so much fun to shake with those coins rattling around inside!

Afterward, we enjoyed visiting with family outside, while slurping on orange dreamsicles.

I made dessert for Easter dinner at Reed's parents house. I attempted to be springy and fun, while moderately attempting a Pinterest find. I went with a white cake, lemon pudding filling between the layers and vanilla buttercream frosting. Throw on some spring decorations and bunnies and we were set!

After Easter morning Mass, we attempted a family photo and considering the subjects I think it turned out pretty well. Maybe I can finally replace the one on my wall that is from Easter two years  ago when Gianna was a baby. Good grief, poor Margaret.

Happy Easter! A blessed Easter season to you and yours.

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