Saturday, November 14, 2009

On A November Saturday

This family of four took a break from things that we 'should' be doing and decided to enjoy it together on a family outing.

* We surprised Jonah by recommending we make the hour drive to go see his much awaited Thomas movie in the theatre. Dare I say how excited he was? If you've interpreted anything here about my dear boy, you know that perhaps we should've named him Thomas instead.

Might I add that the movie, seriously, wasn't all that bad. Perfectly timed at 50 minutes and it included 4 'shorts' to equal one film. A new engine was introduced and more recently newer ones were included, along with the old favorites. The engines were also the newer version (we like to call them the "funny faces" version), which are the ones who talk and their mouths and eyes move. So much more enjoyable for us parents who are tired of the plain old ones since we've seen them OVER & OVER AGAIN.

And yes, there were plenty of little boys in their Thomas shirts with their parents and grandparents. Plenty of little laughs. Plenty of gasps from the adults when something went wrong. And plenty of shout outs from the crowd. Cute kids movie and for my HUGE Thomas fan, it was perfect. Even Lily tolerated it quite well.

I think it's gonna take awhile to get "Splish, Splash, Splosh. I'm gonna need a wash." out of my head though.

* While we were in that city, we visited the HUGE craft store there that I *love* so much. They just happened to be having their big Holiday Open House with 50% off sale. I had a 30 minute time limit in order to catch the movie, to which I'm sure hubby was most grateful. Found some simple items to add to my Christmas decor. That was thrilling for me!!

* After hearing about Jamie's visit to the new, nearest ALDI last week, I was tempted to give it a try. And well, we were in the right city so we gave it a try. Thanks to Jamie's failed trip, I was one step ahead and knew what to expect. Say, for example, the quarter that it costs in order to get your cart from the cart corral. Or the fact that you should bring in your own reusable bags if you have them. Another note of information if you haven't been there would be that they only take CASH & DEBIT cards. NO credit cards or checks. Good to know. Thankfully, our half-full cart did not exceed our cash on hand.

Kind of a different change of pace there with some definite differences from conventional grocery stores, but we did save a good chunk of change and we kinda liked it. We don't have conveniences like this type of store near us, so when we do our usual run for those items that last us awhile, it will probably be added to our list of places to stop along with Sam's Club.

* We used Lily's October Book It certificate at Pizza Hut and enjoyed our lunch out. But being a bit cautious around public places and especially more so this year, the overly crowded Hut did bother me just a bit. We'll have to take our preventive measures now that we're back home.

There you have it. Although this is not a typical Saturday for our little family, it is fun to have little adventures out like this one. It is nice to take advantage of our growing-up-too-fast children and be able to just GO somewhere. I just don't always remember that and see it that way.


  1. We gave ALDI another try today, with daddy! Knowing this time what to expect and help with the kiddos, I kind of liked it. That's why they asked if it was a "debit" card!!

    They DO have good prices on most things that they carry.

    Sounds like a great time with Thomas the Tank Engine!

  2. Sounds like a lovely family day! We try to do things like this a lot too, even though with 4 little ones it gets a little crazy sometimes.

    Here's a funny coincidence, my hubby took John-Paul out to lunch at Pizza Hut on Saturday with his Book It coupon....what a great prize!


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