Saturday, January 31, 2009

Heard In My House

Yesterday, in my house:

Mommy: Tomorrow I'll be gone all day, so you get to be home with daddy.

Boy: Where are you going?

Mommy: I'm going to a women's conference to be with other women and learn how to be a better wife and mommy.

Boy: What are womens?

Mommy: They're like me. Grown up girls.

Boy: Oh. Will they wear hats?

Sorry Little One, I saw no one with a hat today!

Friday, January 30, 2009

7 Quick Takes

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1. It's winter here, so that means cold and flu season. Thankfully, we've managed to steer clear of some really nasty stuff that floats around. Until this week. Lily ended up acquiring a cold early in the week and now Jonah's got it. Grateful for just a simple cold, but to the kids it's THE WORST THING EVER!! They are pretty much still quite active, despite the runny nose and small coughs. It was a tough night here last night, since Jonah's cold went into full-swing in the afternoon and he was doing his share of *sniffling* and *snorting* by evening. As I sat there in his bed before he fell asleep, I couldn't help but chuckle at how cute and vulnerable he was as a sick little man. I know, not funny, but still. The way he was trying to clear his little nose by sniffing and inhaling was a sight. Then he declared, "I don't like colds or headaches or tummy aches or my 2 canker sores!" But after a sneeze or two, "My cold is all better. I don't have yuckies in my nose any more. I don't have a tummy ache either. I just have 2 canker sores." Another chuckle by me. All was well again in his mind. He was cured!! Until the restless sleep began. All night.

2. Tomorrow is mommy's day. Woman's day. For me. It's the annual local women's conference all day. I have faithfully attended each year and look forward to it. It's a day that usually my mom and I share together, along with a number of friends of ours. We usually have our own table of our lady friends and I run into just about every other faithful, Catholic woman/mom from the area that I know. Great day for faith and fellowship, even though it does begin a bit early. I have to drive over an hour in the morning to get there and Mass begins at 8:00! This year will be a bit different since a number of our friends are not able to attend for one reason or another. I'm still looking forward to it though! Will let you know how it went.

3. This week, I got in touch with an old friend via someone else's blog! I was reading comments on a post and realized the one comment sounded very familiar. Did some linking and found a dear friend, Jamie, and her blog!! So exciting! I was also interested to read this post of hers about womb blessings. She was struggling with conceiving and had a local priest giver her the blessing and conceived soon after. After all that we've gone through in the last couple years, I've really got to get myself one of these! Thanks Jamie for sharing!

4. In an effort to possibly begin some form of scrapbooking with all of the wonderful pictures I have (especially of the children), last week I was on a quest to learn more on digital scrapbooking. THERE'S A LOT OUT THERE! After sorting through tons of websites, etc. and ruling out the ones that required extra software and extra expense, I found Smilebox and have been creating cute scrapbooks like this. I am so addicted!! It's so much fun and I think they are so cute! I am looking forward to doing a lot more.

5. Lily is lobbying for a pet. I'm hoping that we can stand our ground since I'd like to wait for a little while yet before ewe start that debate. She's been asking for a cat (which our neighbor's do have and we kind of 'share' it any way)or a dog or maybe even a rabbit (absolutely not!!). None of these are on our agenda to acquire in our household any time soon. She's also been asking what kind of animals are pets that require the least responsibility. I keep telling her that fish are the way to go. She doesn't believe me, let alone think that fish are good pets. We'll see where this leads. At least I may have bought some time by declaring that we WILL NOT be purchasing any type of pet in the winter!!

6. We've been working harder on hospitality in our house and I'm enjoying it! We've always tried to keep our home open to visitors (not that we get many) or always letting others know we'd love to have them stop by. The last two weekends we've had several guests. The other weekend it was a dear priest/friend who was filling in at our parish at the Masses. This priest also happened to be the parish priest in my hometown when I was in my late teen years and until Reed and I were married and I moved. This past Sunday we were going to celebrate my dad's birthday, so I decided to invite friends of my parents, a husband and wife, to lunch. It was wonderful to celebrate with them and also to open our house. I love to entertain, I just don't get to do it often. I hope to continue to open our home in hospitality and teach it to my children in the process, 'for through it some have unknowingly entertained angels'. (Hebrews 13:2)

7. Finally, a scripture thought I am pondering: But she will be saved through motherhood, provided women persevere in faith and love and holiness, in self-control. (1 Timothy 2:15)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seasons of Life

There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens...A time to scatter stones, and a time to gather them; a time to embrace, and a time to be far from embraces...A time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away. ~ Ecclesiastes 3 ~

I have had this verse going through my head for some time now. (Not to mention the song by The Byrd's, "Turn, turn, turn (to everything there is a season)!!)

Even more than ever, I realize that our lives are broken up into seasons. Seasons are filled with change and so are our lives. Before you know it, you are embarking on a new season. Instead of looking negatively on the current season I may be in, I need to embrace it and treat it as a gift, because it is fleeting. I have been with both of our children virtually every day of their lives and yet I am still amazed at how quickly they have grown up, as if I still missed something. No longer are we in a season of newborns and onesies, first steps and first foods, diapers and highchairs. Rather than allowing my heart to break every time I contemplate this, I choose to embrace the beauty of the learning, the chatting back and forth and their independence. The season we are in. I think this is also helpful as I address my current season of infertility. I have to remind myself that while we continue to be proactive and find solutions to it, that I also embrace the journey and realize that it is a time of waiting. Sometimes not so patiently, but waiting.

In this journey of seasons, I've also become aware of how often I negatively journey in a season. I have recognized how often my mind goes to negative thoughts that do not embrace the daily struggle, nor the vocation of wife & mother. How easily these pop up when discipline is needed with the kids, there's another spill on the floor, another day is started with early-rising children or my agenda and to-do list is not fulfilled. I probably would not even be aware of the negative effect these have on my day had I not noticed how frequently they take residence in my head. And then the startling revelation that these overflow into my words and actions as well. Am I being the gentle, kind and generous mom I am being called to be? Embarrassingly, no. Far from it. How quickly I can become bothered, annoyed and angered. How in the world does this happen? I believe that if I am letting my emotions decide my response, the first reaction I give, will indeed be the one that is the least forgiving and kind. The quickest response is not always the correct response.

I see my life's seasons differently these days. I desire to live more fully in the present moment. My present season. Each one is filled with amazing blessings and gifts, waiting to be given. How much I might miss if I am not thankfully embracing each one. I strive to live life more fully as I fully live in the season!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tote/Purse Talk

I was tagged by beautiful Jamie for this meme.

So, this is me with my Purse. Yesterday was a normal day around here, so you can see what my mommy style is...simple, but comfortable. Yesterday it was jeans and a sweatshirt. That was mostly because nothing was feeling 'right' when I got dressed. I literally had on 2 other shirts before sticking with the sweatshirt. I'd blame it on 'winter weight', but that hasn't changed lately. I guess it was just me and the mood I was in. Any way, this sweatshirt I bought when we were up visiting the North Shore/Duluth over a year ago. I found it on clearance for $10. Seriously, I'm wishing I had bought another one. Which is saying a lot for me since I'm not really a 'sweatshirt person'. This one, I do like. Otherwise, most days I am a plain, simple shirt type of gal. And yes, Jamie, I'm with you. If I find one I like, I buy a couple in different colors! Mostly, I gravitate toward the least expensive/generic t-shirts and spend $5-$8. My thought is then if I get tired of them or if they shrink (or if I should get bigger!), it isn't a major loss of money. I don't mind my Walmart/Target/Christopher & Banks style.

Ok, my purse. This is my newest/current purse for the winter. I just bought this one a couple weeks ago at Kohl's. I wanted something that could go with either my every day or my dress coat. The common black or brown didn't seem to work with either, so I opted for this one. I also thought the color and style was kind of fun and would liven up those winter blues! I bought it on clearance for around $16. Not bad. I mostly seek out a fun, yet practical purse. These days I don't need one that I can fit diapers into, but I think this one will work well when I should need to again.

Alright, I tag Lerin & Stacey! What do you have ladies??

Friday, January 23, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. I am so glad today is FINALLY Friday. My week has really been mixed up. I've been one day ahead all week. I think it has to do with the fact that Reed was home from work on Monday for the MLK holiday. On Monday I decided to run into town (ie. the closest 'big' city to us, which is 17 miles away)to do just a couple of errands. I found that Monday morning, before 9:00 is a great time to shop. I had run of the stores! While at Super Walmart, I decided that although we usually buy items such as ice cream only when they are on sale, that we could afford the splurge and the treat. I called Reed and told him to ask the kids what kind of ice cream they'd like: vanilla, strawberry swirl or chocolate swirl. They were able to agree and Jonah shouted 'chocolate squirrel'!! I thought I had misheard, but when I arrived home, he was looking for the chocolate squirrel ice cream!

2. Speaking of squirrels...or more like deer and rabbits. Both of which we seem to have an abundance of in our yard. It seems that the rabbit population is at an all time high in our neck of the woods. This became apparent a few weeks ago when I realized while looking out my window that half of the barberry bushes in our backyard were missing. After further inspection, hubby concluded that it had in fact been rabbits. Well, since then, the evidence is clear. Our yard is being ran by rabbits!! They are attempting to eat just about every bush in our landscaping around our home and there are droppings EVERYWHERE. No, literally, EVERYWHERE!! Trust me, as I type, I am repulsed. I can't even mention when I go out in the yard. *Ugh* To add to our rabbit population, the deer have also returned. For us, visits by the deer are normal and tend to go in cycles. Yes, there are those of you who think these are beautiful, graceful creatures. I may agree, however, there's a line they cross when they start 'roughing up' our pine trees, eating the bushes and in the summer, eating MY flowers! And, just like the rabbits, leaving droppings in the yard. Since we've had all of this snow, I've noticed that there have been no tracks or evidence that they've visited. Until the other night. I woke up yesterday to find tracks ALL OVER our yard that were not there the day before and obviously were from deer. I mentioned to Lily that the deer had been out dancing in our yard by the looks of it. Later yesterday, while the kids were out playing, Lily found some type of animal leavings and declared "the deer where here. It looks like one of them must have gotten sick from all of their dancing!" Funny, but oh so icky too. God's creatures they are. My friends they are not.

3. All kids go through stages. This I know. Lately, Jonah is in the stage where things matter. It is wearing on me a bit. What color his cup is at mealtime, who brushes his teeth at night, who washes his hands....the list goes on. I have also noticed though that he is seeking counsel from his sister when a choice is given to both of them. He'll ask Lily which one she wants and he'll side with her. Which, is a good thing I guess. He could be asking her and then choosing the opposite, just do be difficult.

4. I am looking forward to a baby shower tomorrow for my nephew's wife. Yes, next month I will become Great Aunt for the second time!! Somehow that's amazing to me since I am just 30 and still hoping to have more children myself. A friend of mine had a little boy this week, Lawrence Mark. I can't help but celebrate with these women as they are blessed with little ones. Even in my lack of fertility, I cannot help but be hopeful that our home will soon be blessed with a new little one too.

5. I am considering taking a digital scrapbooking course through community education in February. They are teaching using the Adobe Photoshop program. I figured before I sign up for the class that I'd check how much the program is. After all, it's pointless to take the course and then find out that the program is way more than I'd be spending. Well, that kind of seems to be the case. Unless I am completely confused (and I very well could be), that program is hundreds of dollars. More than I will be spending. I did find other programs though, but I am unsure if they include digital scrapbooking or not. I also found tutorials available online that may be helpful. However, now I am even more confused. I thought this was something I'd enjoy doing, so that was why I considered the course. I guess I've got to do a lot more searching and see if anyone I know uses any of these programs. Anyone??

6. While reading this book , I have become very inspired to do more in our local Catholic homeschool group. We're a small group, but I see room for a little growth especially in the age group that my kids are in. I have found a ton of ideas for little things to do to start little clubs for the kids. I am seriously considering starting a Little Flowers Club within our group. I need to check out The Little Flowers Girls' Club Manual by Rachel Watkins to learn more. I also need to prayerfully consider this venture as well.

7. Inauguration Day has come and gone. I did watch tidbits here and there during the day, but not really any amount of time longer than a few minutes. I did, however, see plenty of recaps all about it. Mostly, I saw the portion during the Oath where there was a transference of words and some confusion. I was interested to find out yesterday that a 're-do' of the Oath was done the following evening. It was done with all words correctly stated in the proper order. As I was reading the news story on the 're-do', I did find it interesting that the Bible was not used. For some reason it was decided that the Lincoln Bible was not needed in the second instance. Hmm...I'm not sure, but if we're doing something a second time just to be extra sure that it is done properly, shouldn't we include all parts that the original carried?? Also, I just saw a story this morning on President Obama and he was in his office writing. I didn't realize he was left handed. Not that it means anything. For some reason, I just happened to notice. You know you're a woman/mom when you notice stuff like that I guess.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

For The Beauty Of The Earth

Just some picture thoughts today. We were blessed with a warm day yesterday, 30 degrees, so we were able to get out and enjoy the beauty of God's earth. I took these while we were out on our evening walk, enjoying the sunset.

Lily & Jonah on top of a snow drift:

Overlooking the lake:

Out on the ice:

A Glorious Winter Day in Minnesota!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jewelry Box & Haircut

Just pictures today of Lily with her completed jewelry box she was working on last week. She is thrilled by her accomplishment and I think she did a beautiful job. She spent a lot of time patiently painting and waiting for it to dry before adding more paint and embellishments. In these photos she's also showing off her new haircut. She'd been asking for a haircut for a couple weeks and I had resolved not to cut it this time, but make it special and take her in somewhere and let a professional do it. Well, by Saturday Lily could wait no longer and insisted that I just do it. So, the scissor came out and soon it was short. I must confess, a bit shorter than I had anticipated. But cute! I don't mind cutting Lily's hair (although I have a long way to go on getting it all completely 'even' afterward), because she has super straight hair. I think if she had any wave in it like mine, I would not attempt it. Nonetheless, she's LOVING her new hair to pieces! We even joke with her that she looks like Lucy from the first Chronicles of Narnia movie. She smiles when we say that because she really likes Lucy! And of course with a new haircut for my little ones, I am always caught off-guard on how much they grow up with just a few snips of the scissor. Growing up too fast for mommy. But for everything there is a season...for now I will try to enjoy this one that Lily is in. Not long and another one will roll in unexpectedly.

Monday, January 19, 2009

What will we be doing tomorrow??

Last November, when my husband and I woke up the morning after Election Day, we braced ourselves for the results of the Presidential Election. I literally turned away from the computer screen as it powered up my news source on the web and I squinted as I slowly faced the computer...and reality. The results were tough to see and immediately I went into 'flight' mode, desiring to be far away (and even siting Canada as an alternative)from the media that day. Reed even tried going to work that day, but got down the road and came back home. We decided that we'd whisk our little family away, even if just for the day. We chose to drive 1 1/2 hours away and hit some outlets and mini malls (therapy for me) and find an activity that would be fun for the kids and something we could do as a fun family outing. It turned out that in that same area there was a Chuck E. Cheese and it served as a great place to get away and let the kids have fun for a few hours. I know, all of it, unrealistic. I knew then that one day I'd have to come face to face with the outcome of the election. One day in January, Inauguration Day would come and I'd have to face this historical moment.

Tomorrow is the Big Day. I've already pleaded with Reed to stay home and we can just run away again. Away from media. Away from reality. Please don't think that this is a common occurrence in our home. That's not how we deal with things. It's just that this election and all that hinged on it left me with a little less hope in my heart. I know that God can change hearts and minds and I believe that He will do that. I do fear though mostly for the little innocent ones who may be affected the most by this historical election.

I am still deciding what we will do tomorrow. I will be home with the kids tomorrow, but I don't know that the tv will be turned on in my home. Right now, I just don't think I can sit through the speech, the parade and all of the media coverage. The biased media coverage. I am torn. I know that this will be a historical moment that my children should witness and will serve as a good lesson on Presidency and citizenship. I'm just not sure that I can handle listening to it all, without sadness, without judgement, without anger.

For now, the plan for tomorrow will be the same as any other school day. We will follow our normal routine and go about our day. We will, however, also light a candle and pray for our great nation and its leadership. That may be all I can do. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

What will you be doing tomorrow?

Friday, January 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. This week has been a bit long in our house. We've been confined indoors all week, mostly due to the snow and frigid temps. We've come up with plenty of things to do, but it just seems that this week has kind of been never ending. One of the projects Lily is working on this week is her jewelry box kit she received as a Christmas gift. It's become quite the little artistic box and she can't wait to put her few pieces of jewelry inside when it's finished.

2. This weekend is one of our few long weekends at our house. We look forward to weekends like these because it means daddy is home for 3 days instead of 2! Due to MLK Jr. Day on Monday, daddy will be home with us. It is one of the things I am grateful for, due to Reed being a city government employee. No big plans, but that's good too.

3. I've been thankful this week that I've made a better effort (and succeeded) at creating a better/workable time each day for my personal and family prayer time. So far, it's been a good schedule and I hope we can keep it up!

4. I've been in kind of a rut when it comes to our evening/supper meal. Nothing has really been sound that enticing, for whatever reason, and even less appealing to prepare and put on the table. I finally sat down again this week and put together some menu ideas and prepared a couple of meals to put in the freezer for another day. Maybe that will help me get out of my rut and enjoy making supper again!

5. For Christmas, I put together a gift for Lily I thought she'd enjoy. I cut blocks of fleece for her to make a tie blanket. At the time I was thinking of the fun we'd have working on it together this winter. It turned out to be 48 blocks total. Well, I don't know WHAT I WAS THINKING!! Lily is struggling with the tieing and easily gets frustrated/bored with the project. So, guess who's been working on the tie blanket?? Yes, me. Not that I wouldn't enjoy it, but after awhile it gets tedious. Now I'm thinking that we can leave it half completed and hope my nephew's wife has a baby girl next month and give to her! Guess how well that idea was received when I brought it up yesterday! So, I will continue to plow on with the blanket and not consider a project this large for my 6 year old anytime again soon! I think we'll stick with painting animals and jewelry boxes!!

6. Yesterday I ordered two books for myself and can't wait to get them started. They are: Grace Cafe & The Domestic Church: Room by Room . Both are by author Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle. All things mommy hood and domestic church seem to draw me in these days, so these books are looking enticing.

7. Although this week has had some rough spots and the winter is overwhelming me, I have had my heart warmed and my head filled as I've been inspired. I have slowly been adding to my 'Blogs I Read' list and surrounded myself with some amazing women. I enjoy daily peeking in the windows of their homes and hearts as they share their lives as mothers. Check them out in my list of 'Blogs I Read' in my sidebar and I'm sure you will agree! Thanks Ladies!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Snow and winter seems to have enveloped my home. The temperature today will not even reach 0 degrees. It has been a cold, January week in Minnesota. And for us who live here, enough said. This is the season we are in and for my own personal sanity, I am hoping to welcome an early Spring. More than likely though, we won't. Since the snow and cold temperatures consume everything outside, I decided that it might as well also flood our library book basket as well.

Our current basket is filled with:

Snow Day Stories and Poems edited by Caroline Feller Bauer
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost
It's Snowing! It's Snowing! by Jack Prelutsky
A to Z Winter
Thomas' Snowsuit by Robert Munsch
Just a Snowy Vacation by Gina & Mercer Mayer
The Jacket I Wear In The Snow by Shirley Neitzel
Now It Is Winter by Eileen Spinelli
Snow Is Falling by Franklyn M. Branley
White Snow Bright Snow by Alvin Tresselt
When Winter Comes by Nancy Van Laan
The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
Snowflakes and Ice Skates: A Winter Counting book by Rebecca Fjelland Davis

We're even reading winter poetry as part of our school lessons these days. Here's one we found today:

Snow (by Mary Ann Hoberman)

Lots of snow
Everywhere we look and everywhere we go
Snow in the sandbox
Snow on the slide
Snow on the bicycle
Left outside
Snow on the steps
And snow on my feet
Snow on the sidewalk
Snow on the sidewalk
Snow on the sidewalk
Down the street.

That is pretty much exactly what it looks like out my window. If you are reading this and are graced with a warmer climate, please sit outside and bask in the sun for me today! I know, this too shall pass. It's just gonna be a while.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're just like the squirrels

A kitchen conversation in my house this morning, while I was preparing a few freezer meals.

Lily: You're kind of like the squirrels.

Me: How's that?

Lily: You're making food and putting it away for another day. You're just like the squirrels. I bet when they come home on a cold winter day and don't want to make anything for supper, they remember their acorns that they hid and just go get some of those to eat. That's just like you when you don't feel like making supper or you don't know what to make, you just go to the freezer and take one of these out. And boom, just like that you put it in the oven and supper's all ready.

Me: You're right. We are just like the squirrels.

Smart little girl. Sometimes I am still amazed at the childhood musings in my home.

I am also thankful that the conversation didn't go in the direction I was anticipating, which was her making some mention of weight and storing things away in my belly area! I'm not sure why that came to mind when she mentioned squirrels and storing things away.....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Faith & Family Live! : The Inventor’s Repentance

I was reading my daily dose of Faith & Family Live! and found this article on the inventor of The Pill. I found it interesting. If only a few others would admit their wrongs, especially when what they did/invented ended up changing so many lives. I'd love to know what changed his heart.
Faith & Family Live! : The Inventor’s Repentance

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Friday, January 9, 2009

7 Quick Takes

1. What's on my mind the most this morning is my 89 year old grandpa, Eddie. He fell yesterday at home and broke his hip. Thankfully, my parents live next door and my dad was home. He was able to go over there to help when my grandma called and he called 911. He was also able to ride in the ambulance with Papa. I have only heard briefly the story, but my dad stayed with both grandpa and grandma while they waited for the ambulance. While grandpa lay on the floor awaiting help, grandma sat in a chair by him and held his hand. After 64 years, she didn't leave his side. I'm still awaiting news on how his surgery went late last night. Offering prayers.

2. I am glad for routine. We are back into it this week after our Christmas break and I am so grateful!!

3. Today my heart is again thankful for my wonderful husband. When I called him with news of grandpa, he was quick to offer compassion and to come home if I needed. He's also offered to leave work today and drive me to the hospital (an hour away) if I need him to. He's supportive of whatever I may need in the event that the surgery outcome was not what we hoped. As always, he's given me a shoulder to lean on.

4. We're looking forward to our local Catholic home school (belated) Epiphany party on Sunday. Since we're new to homeschooling, it's nice to get to know more of the families and interact with them.

5. The last couple of nights we've been having 'bedtime issues' with both kids. We follow the same routine, but sleep seems to be coming much later and after much shouting from the kids. Not to mention the many last minute 'I want's'. I hope this phase doesn't last long. It's always difficult in our house when we go through these phases. Hard on mommy. Frustrating for daddy.

6. I am amazed what a little bit of paint can do for one's mood. We painted our bedroom last weekend and I can't believe how much more warmer and inviting it is to me. I have been consistent in my morning prayer time this week because of it. I feel all cozy in the morning and look forward to sitting in the rocking chair and spending time in prayer. I just feel so much better throughout the day too knowing that I started off right and gave my day to God. Somehow the early morning doesn't seem so bad when I am in my chair and in my newly painted bedroom!

7. This week has been filled with a lot of searching online. I'm looking for a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Somehow it seems, that in the midst of 2.5 years of dealing with infertility and all of the doctors and others that we've talked to and received advise from, no one has bothered to suggest the concept of consulting a RE. While reading a book recently, they point out that it is one of the first things to do. Oh really? And no one has told me that!? So, I am a bit upset that I have not been privy to this information sooner and somewhat frantically trying to find an RE that is qualified/certified. So far, the closest I've found is an hour and a half away and in all my searching I'm not able to find out if he's certified or not. Ugh. More work ahead!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Pansy in my Home

Just this morning, Lily and I were reading a few short stories in Everyday Graces: A Child's Book of Good Manners and the one titled Pansies, seemed to touch my heart and strike a chord. The story talks about a king who had a beautiful garden and how one day the plants were drooping and fading. Each was finding fault with itself because they were not something else. The pansy was bright and beautiful and as sweet as ever because it knew that "when you planted the seed out of which I grew, you didn't want a pine, or an apple tree, or a vine, or a rose. You just wanted a little pansy. So to please you, I am going to be the best little pansy that I can be."

At the end of the story, the lesson stated is:

"Like the pansy, you must make up your mind to be content, and to grow into the person that you were created to be. If you want to be like a pansy, and make everybody in your home brighter and happier, you must learn to be kind and cheerful."

I'd like to get better at being a pansy in my home. Unfortunately, sometimes I am more of a dandelion stifling it. I desire my home to be a more peaceful and happy place. Don't get me wrong, not that it isn't. I just think we could do a little bit better.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Routine

Yesterday we got back into the swing of things and back to routine. I like routine. I like order. I am content. I also think that it does wonders for my home and for the kids. They know what to expect and when each day they are home with mommy. We decided that perhaps getting back into the swing of things may be a bit tough after almost two weeks off of a schedule, so we held a Family Meeting the night before. At first, the kids were inquisitive as to why we were having a meeting since "we only have those when we have to talk about a problem with us". We used the meeting forum to explain the blessing of vacations and time spent away from routine and that at Christmas time it was a good thing to have so we could celebrate and spend time with family. Then we went on to explain that while that was wonderful, we need routine in order to get back to school and learning, as well as back into our good habits. I was still a bit concerned about how yesterday would actually go and how much resistance I may encounter. Thankfully, we had a wonderful day and it was almost completely free from flaw!
I know not every household holds fast to routine as much as we do, but I have tried hard to keep it in our home since the kids were young. That way they know what to expect when and also know what times during the day are more of a 'free time' for them. It has also helped immensely since we started homeschooling last fall. Since the routine was already established, it was easy to just rearrange a bit to allow for school time.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

7 Quick Takes

A number of the blogging mom's I follow have started doing 7 Quick Takes on Fridays. I'd like to start it too, however, I missed out yesterday. So, here's mine..a day late.

1. Winter and it's wrath of snow and cold are overwhelming me. I guess this is perhaps what is referred to as a 'real' winter that we haven't seen in a number of years, but it's already getting the best of me. Not to mention that we are waiting on another snowstorm today that is suppose to bring 6-8 inches AGAIN!!

2. Because I am overwhelmed with winter, I have decided to take on a painting project this weekend. I think our bedroom could us a little warmth, so I picked up paint yesterday. I'm hoping to make it a peaceful, inviting haven for myself and my husband.

3. We decided to allow the kids to watch the movie in the Chronicles of Narnia the other week. Now Lily has become a bit obsessed. And she keeps mentioning that Peter is her favorite character 'because she's never seen a blonde boy before.' Hmm...or is it that she's never really noticed a blonde, TEENAGE boy before..Yikes.

4. I had acupuncture again yesterday to help with my infertility issues (hopefully). I am now only going every few weeks, which is much different from the twice a week schedule I was on 3 cycles ago and then the weekly appointments that followed. I think my body recognizes this and is a bit less willing to have needles stuck in it. When my visits were more frequent I found it less difficult to 'psych' myself out about the needles.

5. Another season of The Biggest Loser starts on Tuesday. Why I thrive on that show I'm not sure. I guess it just leaves me inspired and I love to watch the transformations that follow.

6. I'm hoping to get back to my workout regimen. I need to in order to stay healthy, especially since the winter leaves me a bit less active. And because I just need it for my overall health and wellness. I know I feel better when I do exercise...but why is it so hard to stay consistent?

7. I received a couple of good books that I had requested for Christmas. I am in the midst of two of them and eager to finish. When the Cradle is Empty, is a good book that helps deal with infertility and is Christian based as well. The other is Haystack Full of Needles, which is a wonderful book talking about homeschooling and socialization. I'm finding it enlightening even as it talks about the mom's socialization as well. Glad I got these as gifts!!

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