Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Flowers

We finished our second Little Flowers Girls Club meeting last week. I've been meaning to blog more on it, but struggle with actually getting photos taken at the meetings.

I've enjoyed leading the group and doing the planning. Of course, none of that would even be possible without the many posts that Jessica has so willingly shared. I mean, really, why reinvent the wheel when everything has been so wonderfully laid out for you? Jessica has faithfully blogged every meeting and shared photos, documents to make copies from, coloring page links and craft ideas. How much do we all *love* that woman??!! Thank you again!

So, I have faithfully used her suggestions and our group is enjoying it. I did venture out a little bit on projects based on our group size (just 6 girls for now) and what I could find locally at the craft stores.

We create folder pages for each month, with the saint, verse and virtue on each. This will be a wonderful keepsake for them as they fondly remember their days in the Little Flowers Club.

We held the first meeting at my home and I was in charge of snacks too. This was my feeble attempt at decorating cupcakes with our flower of the month, the sunflower. The girls liked them any way.

Here are the girls this month, working on their folder page for "Hope" and the Ivy flower.

At last week's meeting I was able to get a photo of all of the girls minus one who didn't make it. Aren't they cute with their sashes on? No badges yet since it was just the second meeting, but for the first meeting I had found sunflower buttons to give each of the girls as they began their time in our club.

And finally, here's our craft projects so far. Last month the girls each made a pipe cleaner sunflower and this month they decorated a flower pot to keep their Little Flowers crafts in. As the year goes on, I've found some creative ways to make some of the flowers that are presented each meeting and each girl can keep her flowers in her keepsake flower pot.

The club is proving to be a lot of fun for both Lily and I and something to look forward to each month. But then, who wouldn't look forward to sashes and badges; flowers and virtues; crafts and snacks; friends and fun? It's a win-win for everyone!


  1. This is so wonderful! Can I send my almost-two-year old girl to your meetings? :)

  2. You did super!!! I think you've made Jessica proud!!


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