Monday, November 30, 2009

St. Andrew Christmas Novena

Today begins a beautiful Advent novena. Elizabeth has shared about this prayer a number of times, but this is the first time I will be joining in.

Read more about the novena/chaplet from Elizabeth here.

The following prayer is to be recited 15 times each day from November 30th (the feast of St. Andrew) until Christmas.

(If you would like to print the prayer, click here)

In our home, the novena will make a wonderful addition to our family Advent evening devotion. What a beautiful prayer to pray together!

In reading Elizabeth's post, I also found that St. Andrew is also patron of women desiring to conceive. Another reason this will be perfect for our family to pray as we continue to wait in joyful hope for a Christmas miracle baby.

St. Andrew, Pray For Us!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Gift Deal For You!

Do you have a chef/cook on your Christmas list? Are you looking for some new recipes? Would you like to support an at-home, homeschooling mom?

I've got the gift for you!

A dear friend IRL and in blog world, Stacey, has used her culinary and creative talents to compile a cookbook. You won't want to miss it!

She has just put it up for sale on her blog through PayPal. And, because she is so generous and thrifty, she is offering a discount only until Sunday!

So, get yours now!! What are you waiting for??!!

Please take the opportunity to support Stacey's work and get a little Christmas shopping done too.

Oh, and might I say, I am especially fond of her SUPER EASY, make ahead and freezer friendly Breakfast Burritos and Sandwiches.

Thank you Stacey for sharing this with us! I cannot wait to get mine in the mail!

Remember, click on over here to get your copy (or two)!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

(Almost)Wordless Wednesday: Gobble, Gobble!

Turkeys, Pilgrims & Snow! Oh my!

Projects from this week:

Pilgrim Hat snacks:

Thanks Jamie!

Outdoors Today:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Final Week!!

I'm checking and double-checking my lists. Running the numbers on the calculator and consulting the Christmas budget. Checking the pantry and pulling out recipes. I'm literally picking my brain to be sure that I have everything covered.

You remember when I mentioned almost a month ago that I had a goal? And that it was to be out of the stores BY December 1st? That's next week. You know what? I think I'm gonna make it.

I've shopped in-store and online. I've cut down our gift giving. Made a couple of cuts in our Christmas card list. I am minimizing stress.

The Christmas cards are written out (we kept it pretty simple this year) and addressed, gifts tucked away and even a couple of more time consuming and heartfelt gifts have been created and ordered. Even our Advent book basket/craft projects/family reading are shaping up. There is sweet relief in all of this. More than I had imagined.

Of course, there will inevitably be something that I missed or forgot. But then, that's why I've got hubby and I'm sure he'll make an emergency stop in the store for me if needed. It should only be for a gift certificate or two or the obvious groceries I couldn't stock up on.

But I will be out of the stores and in the comfort of my home next week. And if last week's quick run into the local Walmart is any indication (of which was already playing Christmas music), well, then I'll be avoiding a whole slew of crazy shoppers and their nasty coughs and colds too.

Prayer Request *update*

Earlier this month I asked for immediate prayers for a family member, but at that time I was unable to share more information. I am now able to share a little more with you and once again ask that you continue those prayers.

The prayer request was for my cousin, who is just a few months younger than myself. He is a physician who is working on finishing his residency at the Mayo Clinic. He is very intelligent. He is most humble. He is a husband and a father to two dear little boys. He is loved and supported by many. He has cancer.

Just over 7 years ago, the non-Hodgkin's lymphoma was diagnosed and was predicted to progress quite rapidly due to the amount there was in his body. It was decided that my cousin stood better odds by waiting it out, without drastic treatment. He did have some removals of small tumors and lymphs through the years, but no chemo or radiation. He continued to be watched and monitored and several times over these years we have been notified that certain tumors have become bigger. Through all of this, my cousin pressed on and continued with life and living each day to the fullest. It was only until this latest occurance that his fellow colleagues in his unit were told that he was sick. All of these years, he didn't even tell them. He worked the gruelling hours of residency and surgery and has done his best to be present with his family as much as he is able.

Earlier this month, he was hospitalized due to extreme pain he was having. The PET scan revealed that one of the tumors had grown to the size of a grapefruit. His cancer has become more agressive. He immediately began treatment through five different types of chemotherapy. Each with its own side effects and dangers.

So, I come to you today to again ask that you help me wrap your arms around him in prayer. Today, he will begin his second round of treatment. This is an especially difficult time with the holidays approaching, but also with the unsettled realities. My cousin and his wife are strong Catholics, in fact, she is a convert. Our family is filled with prayerful Catholics. And yet, we also realize that there is strength in numbers and the cloak of prayer from faithful prayer warriors is powerful.

Please continue to pray, especially today. Perhaps, if you can, again pray to Our Lady of Good Remedy. Thank you!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sweatin' To The Rosary

Almost two months ago when I clicked to read my daily dose Faith & Family Live! and spotted this one, I must admit that I was slightly confused. I re-read the post title and literally thought that it was the weirdest thing I'd heard in awhile. I mean, I've heard of both exercising and of praying the rosary and have done both, clearly. But had never heard the two intertwined quite like this.

Feeling oddly inspired to learn more, I went on to the website to learn more about The Rosary Workout. At the time I was in a sort of exercising lull, if you want to call it that. I felt that I was at a good fitness level and really lacking the inspiration toward my exercise routine. I get like that sometimes. The more I read, the more I figured there really wasn't much too lose and lots more to be gained.

How could I not at least test it out and try it? I could add spiritual growth and renewal at the same time as working toward continued health. I could use the extra prayer time. I could use a new way to lead me into deeper meditation. I could use some guidance from someone who clearly knew fitness. So I tried it.

Seven weeks later, I'm still on my Rosary Workout journey. Although I was tempted to skip ahead since my fitness level was more advanced than 'beginner', I did at least follow along the first few weeks in order to walk through the process and find the rhythm and beauty of the workout. I am at a level now where I am doing it three days a week and there are a few other days that when the weather is still nice I take a walk with the kids or some other type of exercise instead. I did eventually jump ahead to where it fit my fitness level a little better and am just about into the interval training. I'm enjoying it. It's allowed for more frequent praying of the rosary and again feeling wrapped in the arms of our Blessed Mother.

The Workout is very well laid out and designed. It can be for the most beginner of beginners, the postpartum mom who is ready to get moving a little more and for those of us in the frigid Midwest it will be wonderful to keep up with in the winter months too. It can be simply implemented with or without exercise equipment (elliptical, recumbent bike, treadmill,etc.) or used just plain old walking or jogging. Pretty versatile and easily accessed. No excuses or limitations. I like to try other exercise routines on the days I don't do this workout and if I am able, but adding this each week certainly lends a hand in keeping my routines from becoming just that and then to my eventual lack of interest.

If you are looking for something new or for something inexpensive (did I mention it's just under $10 and is in ebook format?) to jump start you in the right direction, I'd give this a try! If you are looking for a deeper devotion to Mary and greater consistency in a meaningful, prayerful rosary, this is a great tool.

Obviously, if you have not exercised in awhile and have physical limitations and conditions, as with all exercising, consult your doctor before beginning.

*Editor's Note: For the record, I decided to use the above post photo of a random, exceptionally fit woman, rather than one of myself. Being all modest and all. Well, that and that I don't feel like I look anything like that woman! We're all a work in progress and it all starts with tiny steps...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Flowers

We finished our second Little Flowers Girls Club meeting last week. I've been meaning to blog more on it, but struggle with actually getting photos taken at the meetings.

I've enjoyed leading the group and doing the planning. Of course, none of that would even be possible without the many posts that Jessica has so willingly shared. I mean, really, why reinvent the wheel when everything has been so wonderfully laid out for you? Jessica has faithfully blogged every meeting and shared photos, documents to make copies from, coloring page links and craft ideas. How much do we all *love* that woman??!! Thank you again!

So, I have faithfully used her suggestions and our group is enjoying it. I did venture out a little bit on projects based on our group size (just 6 girls for now) and what I could find locally at the craft stores.

We create folder pages for each month, with the saint, verse and virtue on each. This will be a wonderful keepsake for them as they fondly remember their days in the Little Flowers Club.

We held the first meeting at my home and I was in charge of snacks too. This was my feeble attempt at decorating cupcakes with our flower of the month, the sunflower. The girls liked them any way.

Here are the girls this month, working on their folder page for "Hope" and the Ivy flower.

At last week's meeting I was able to get a photo of all of the girls minus one who didn't make it. Aren't they cute with their sashes on? No badges yet since it was just the second meeting, but for the first meeting I had found sunflower buttons to give each of the girls as they began their time in our club.

And finally, here's our craft projects so far. Last month the girls each made a pipe cleaner sunflower and this month they decorated a flower pot to keep their Little Flowers crafts in. As the year goes on, I've found some creative ways to make some of the flowers that are presented each meeting and each girl can keep her flowers in her keepsake flower pot.

The club is proving to be a lot of fun for both Lily and I and something to look forward to each month. But then, who wouldn't look forward to sashes and badges; flowers and virtues; crafts and snacks; friends and fun? It's a win-win for everyone!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mama Bear

Do you ever feel like a big mama bear? We get all protective of our little cubs and Lord bless that person who may ever stand between us!! We will smother our cubs and take care of them until our dying day, bless our souls.

But sometimes, this mama bear gets weary and drained. Tired and tried. And you? Well, the last couple of weeks my little male cubbie has taken to an even earlier rising time. To say that this dear child has ever been on a consistent, set routine in his sleeping habits would be the blunder of the year.

The thing is this: He's getting up at 6:00 AM! Understand that at best, in a good phase, he'd sleep until 7:00 or perhaps even 7:30. I don't think that it is the time change, although it does seem incidental that he fell back into this latest pattern about then. Realistically, I think it was about time. We had been having too long of a 'good run' with him and it was time to switch it up.

Is it the worst thing? No. The part that is a major issue with me is that hubby has been leaving for work earlier (5:30am) and that leaves me to start the day. Just mama bear and her cubs. That also leaves me with starting the day by 6:00am. I had made this transition months ago in order to allow me to get ready/showered for my day, along with my morning prayer time. I NEED both. I NEED to do both right away in the morning! So, you see where there's a problem.

Thankfully, I've been able to maintain Cubbie's nap most every day. He needs it. I need it. I need the down-time or extra time with his sister and it works best at that time. Even if naps were eliminated due to his early rising (I'm already anticipating that you mama's are ready to suggest that in my comment box), which we've tried, he's still way too tired in the evening. Left alone, by supper time he's in a heap and zonked out on the couch. Due to that and most recently, my own sanity, I keep the naps. This is a strong-willed, energetic, spirited little boy we are talking here. And he can be a VERY ANGRY bear cub, very easily and very quickly in the course of any given day. Do you see why I am weary?

I'm muddling through and realize that it is but another stage and season. It will pass and we'll be on to the next (O Lord, please let it be a good one!!). But for now, should I be short and cross with you, you will understand. I will do my best to keep a smile on my face and a glimmer in my eye.

Excuse me though if we cross paths and I am not in the least bit chipper, because some days I feel and look more like this:

*Editor's Note: I realize that all of you mom's reading this who have more than two children and many more that are younger than mine, are probably chuckling at my complaint. And rightfully so, I give each of you credit at the amazing things you do each day for your children and I don't know how you do it so faithfully. But for me right now, this is just the lot I've been given. Not by my own choice, but by God's plan.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Advent Plans

I think I've got it all figured out and we're ready to roll into Advent. I asked, you answered. I knew you'd come through and help me out.

Thank you!!

I perused, I clicked, I read, I made lists and now I've got an idea of where we are headed. Relatively simple for this year, but there are just SO MANY ideas if you look for them.

I checked out these places:

O Night Divine blog

Love2Learn's Advent reviews

Elizabeth's Advent/Christmas reading lists on her sidebar

Tracy's Circle Time/Advent Plans

Jessica's December book list on her sidebar

From there, this is what I did:

1. Signed us up for the Advent Adventure through Holy Heroes. We enjoyed all they offered for Lent, so we should enjoy it for Advent as well. I also found out that this year they will walk us through Advent using the Jesse Tree, which was one of the many suggestions I received. So, I'm not going to have to do any further looking on that subject.

2. Ordered these:

**From Adoremus Books:

Destination: Bethlehem (for our family Advent Adventure this year)

Bright Christmas: An Angel Remembers (for our bookshelf)

**From Catholic Company:

Advent Reflections Come, Lord Jesus (for my own Advent season reflection)

3. Put these on my library list and will request them this week:

Christmas in the Barn

Christmas in the Country

A Christmas Story

The Donkey's Dream

The Legend of the Candy Cane

The Legend of the Christmas Stocking

The Legend of the Christmas Tree

The Light of Christmas

While Angels Watch

Ideas, ideas, ideas! There are so many options. I think we'll have a good start with what I've listed here and perhaps whatever else we plan along the way.

I've filled this post with lots of things for you to clickety-click on, but if you are still looking for great ideas hopefully this will inspire you to just head on over to those places. Have fun with it and prepare away!

I'm looking forward to celebrating the beautiful season of advent peacefully, while preparing our hearts for the birth of Our King.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

On A November Saturday

This family of four took a break from things that we 'should' be doing and decided to enjoy it together on a family outing.

* We surprised Jonah by recommending we make the hour drive to go see his much awaited Thomas movie in the theatre. Dare I say how excited he was? If you've interpreted anything here about my dear boy, you know that perhaps we should've named him Thomas instead.

Might I add that the movie, seriously, wasn't all that bad. Perfectly timed at 50 minutes and it included 4 'shorts' to equal one film. A new engine was introduced and more recently newer ones were included, along with the old favorites. The engines were also the newer version (we like to call them the "funny faces" version), which are the ones who talk and their mouths and eyes move. So much more enjoyable for us parents who are tired of the plain old ones since we've seen them OVER & OVER AGAIN.

And yes, there were plenty of little boys in their Thomas shirts with their parents and grandparents. Plenty of little laughs. Plenty of gasps from the adults when something went wrong. And plenty of shout outs from the crowd. Cute kids movie and for my HUGE Thomas fan, it was perfect. Even Lily tolerated it quite well.

I think it's gonna take awhile to get "Splish, Splash, Splosh. I'm gonna need a wash." out of my head though.

* While we were in that city, we visited the HUGE craft store there that I *love* so much. They just happened to be having their big Holiday Open House with 50% off sale. I had a 30 minute time limit in order to catch the movie, to which I'm sure hubby was most grateful. Found some simple items to add to my Christmas decor. That was thrilling for me!!

* After hearing about Jamie's visit to the new, nearest ALDI last week, I was tempted to give it a try. And well, we were in the right city so we gave it a try. Thanks to Jamie's failed trip, I was one step ahead and knew what to expect. Say, for example, the quarter that it costs in order to get your cart from the cart corral. Or the fact that you should bring in your own reusable bags if you have them. Another note of information if you haven't been there would be that they only take CASH & DEBIT cards. NO credit cards or checks. Good to know. Thankfully, our half-full cart did not exceed our cash on hand.

Kind of a different change of pace there with some definite differences from conventional grocery stores, but we did save a good chunk of change and we kinda liked it. We don't have conveniences like this type of store near us, so when we do our usual run for those items that last us awhile, it will probably be added to our list of places to stop along with Sam's Club.

* We used Lily's October Book It certificate at Pizza Hut and enjoyed our lunch out. But being a bit cautious around public places and especially more so this year, the overly crowded Hut did bother me just a bit. We'll have to take our preventive measures now that we're back home.

There you have it. Although this is not a typical Saturday for our little family, it is fun to have little adventures out like this one. It is nice to take advantage of our growing-up-too-fast children and be able to just GO somewhere. I just don't always remember that and see it that way.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hi Lo: November 13th


1. I'm still basking in the glow of sweet memories from last week's concert.

2. We had some warmer weather last Saturday, so Reed and I were able to get all of the Christmas lights hung on the house. No small task for homeowners of a two story home!

3. I got some great deals due to some great sales last Saturday. A little more Christmas shopping done at Christopher & Banks and a local home decor shop. Found a number of additions that will look wonderful on my Thanksgiving table.

4. We held our second Little Flowers meeting this week. We had so much fun! It's SO worth the effort when your little girl says the next day that "the whole meeting was so much fun."


1. Lily has a cold. And a runny nose. *sniffle*

2. Jonah is back to a too-early morning routine. Those aren't ever good days in this house. It leads to a weary mommy and very growly little boy.

3. I pulled something in my lower back doing something ordinary early in the week. Still hurts, just not all the time. Hoping to avoid the chiropractor's office. It's been enough to keep me away from my exercising, which isn't good since I was just starting to fall back into a good routine.

4. Reed found out that a couple of moles he recently had removed need further surgery/treatment since they were skin cancer. Neither should be a big deal, but with the one he will have to have the skin removed in the area layer by layer and tested until they get to the layer that is without the cancer. Thankfully, it isn't bad enough that they are concerned since he can't even get in for that appointment until January.

How was your week? What were your Highs and Lows?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Because Manners Are Just For The Holidays

Apparently, my daughter has decided to take it upon herself to get this house crackin' in time for Thanksgiving. She decided to single out her brother today at lunch.

"Jonah, you really need to work better on your manners. It's almost time for Thanksgiving. Stop talking with food in your mouth, no yelling at the table, no playing and STOP showing people your food! Chew with your mouth closed."

And while she was at it, dear brother left the table and got this ear full:

"And another one! Don't leave the table until everyone is finished!"

Well then, my work here is done.

Truth be told, we could use a little manner maintenance. Little girl not excluded.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Feeling Like A V.I.P.

Since I shared with you on Wednesday that I was eagerly anticipating an evening out at a concert on Thursday, I figured I'd share the details and the photos. Not really that you probably NEED to see them or wanna hear about it....

However, Reed and I rarely take an evening out, so for me it was worth mentioning and sharing.

Okay, and I'll admit it, I just had to gloat a little. Yes, I am human.

Having pulled a few strings by merely asking how we could attain the best possible seats since we were huge Mark Schultz FAN-atics, we were granted a favor and even invited to the pre-show 'Meet & Greet' with the artists. To which I was MOST THRILLED. I'm geeky like that when it comes to Mark Schultz concerts. Which, ahem, this was number *FIVE*!!

We got this photo with our favorite Piano-Man, Mark Schultz, and the gals of Point of Grace:

Aren't we cute??!! Probably doesn't look so good that I am leaning more toward another man and less toward my own man,huh? All I can say is that I get so star-struck and giddy as a schoolgirl...tehe...

These were our seats:

Which were FRONT & CENTER. And merely 10 feet from stage!!

Basking in our 'Date Night' glow:

The gals from Point of Grace were on stage first. And let me tell you they can put on a concert! Great band, beautiful harmony and such gorgeous women of faith. In a way, you can't help but compare them to the Dixie Chicks. Remember them? Any way, POG ladies have similarities with them and even pull off a bit of a country twang as well.

And then, after intermission, Mark came on stage. We roared, we hooted, we hollered. (Well, I don't know what everyone else did, but with me being giddy and all that's what I did!) And we all geared up for some sweet entertainment. We sang along, laughed and were on our feet as Mark pulled off another exciting concert.

And the piano! Yes, there was plenty of Mark behind the piano doing what he does best, playing and inspiring with his voice, music and lyrics. He's such a wonderful performer and storyteller that the audience is quickly drawn in. It's like an evening with a friend. And I take it all in and thoroughly Sweetness to my soul.

And a little more singing with POG's back-up band:

With all of the special treatment and with such an excellent concert, it made for a very memorable evening out/date night for which I am most grateful. And not too soon will forget.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Looking Toward Advent

While we are just beginning November and the season of Advent is a few weeks off, I have already began to think on the season ahead.

In an effort to bring about a more peaceful and memorable four weeks of preparation for Christ's birth, I've already committed to being out of the stores by December 1st. Shopping done, pantry stocked. I'm hoping that only NEEDED errands will get me in the doors and gracing the aisles of Walmart and Target during December.

I desire simplicity. I desire peace, comfort and joy as my family awaits Christmas.

In order to do that, I would like to prepare our home and our hearts during those weeks of Advent. I'm looking for something simple, yet meaningful. Something perhaps for the mama, along with something for the family. We have walked the journey through the season of Advent in in the past with Jotham's Journey and we all enjoyed it. We may be ready for a new story and perhaps my children would still enjoy something similar.

Suggestions, anyone? What do you do? What does your family do? How do you prepare? I'd love to hear what you have to say and how you prepare for the great Gift of Christmas!

Many ideas are welcome, so share away!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Tomorrow evening I will go see him in concert:

They will be there in concert too:

And although we've seen Mark before in concert,

I'm so.excited. I know it's gonna be a great concert. He ALWAYS delivers. It's not just beautiful songs, done with an amazing voice. It's the storytelling, the jokes, the fun and the heartfelt songs that leave the audience pleased.

Not to mention, it's DATE NIGHT for Reed and I!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Prayers, Please!

Because I know that you are a community of prayer warriors and intercession, please send your prayers this way! They are needed for a member of my extended family. Due to privacy issues and a number of other reasons, please just pray for restored health and a miracle if it be God's Will. Pray for peace and strength for our family.

I hope to one day give you a better report and more information, but for today all I ask is that you continue to pray. However you are led, please join me.

Prayers are powerful and right now are most appreciated.

Prayer to Our Lady of Good Remedy

O QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, Most Holy Virgin, we venerate thee. Thou art the beloved Daughter of the Most High God, the chosen Mother of the Incarnate Word, the Immaculate Spouse of the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Vessel of the Most Holy Trinity.
O Mother of the Divine Redeemer, who under the title of Our Lady of Good Remedy comes to the aid of all who call upon thee, extend thy maternal protection to us. We depend on thee, Dear Mother, as helpless and needy children depend on a tender and caring mother.

Hail, Mary....

O LADY OF GOOD REMEDY, source of unfailing help, grant that we may draw from thy treasury of graces in our time of need.
Touch the hearts of sinners, that they may seek reconciliation and forgiveness. Bring comfort to the afflicted and the lonely; help the poor and the hopeless; aid the sick and the suffering. May they be healed in body and strengthened in spirit to endure their sufferings with patient resignation and Christian fortitude.

Hail, Mary....

DEAR LADY OF GOOD REMEDY, source of unfailing help, thy compassionate heart knows a remedy for every affliction and misery we encounter in life. Help me with thy prayers and intercession to find a remedy for my problems and needs, especially for... (Indicate your special intentions here).
On my part, O loving Mother, I pledge myself to a more intensely Christian lifestyle, to a more careful observance of the laws of God, to be more conscientious in fulfilling the obligations of my state in life, and to strive to be a source of healing in this broken world of ours.
Dear Lady of Good Remedy, be ever present to me, and through thy intercession, may I enjoy health of body and peace of mind, and grow stronger in the faith and in the love of thy Son, Jesus.

Hail, Mary.....

V. Pray for us, O Holy Mother of Good Remedy,
R. That we may deepen our dedication to thy Son, and make the world alive with His Spirit.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Ever wonder what makes your child 'tick'? What goes on in their head sometimes? What fascinates them?

And then one day you notice that your daughter runs to the kitchen an awful lot. And stares at the clock. And you find out that what literally makes her 'tick' is the ticking of time. Seriously. Lily is in awe of "O'Clocks", as she calls them. She will watch the time wherever she is and when it's close to an o'clock, come running to the kitchen. You see, there you can catch the o'clock on THREE clocks: the radio/cd player, stove and the microwave. It is a clock carnival in here!

It's pretty cute, really. Although slightly odd. She's even declared numerous times that her favorite times are 12:00 and 6:00. Why? Simply because of the way that the hands line up on the face of the clock in the living room.

So now rather than feeling like I'm being followed and monitored in my kitchen when Lily suddenly appears, I look to the clock and realize that it's time for my daughter's (almost) hourly fixation. At least I know where to find her when the hour approaches.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Here's our All Hallow's Eve in photos. Not much to say, just that it was simple, delightful fun with family.

My Angel & Pirate, ready for Trick-or-Treating:

Our Trick-or-Treaters:

(That's our nephew and his wife, along with their daughter. Soon to be our newest neighbors, just down the road from us. Mommy & Daddy are tourists in Australia and Miss Cutie Pie is a kangaroo. Aren't they cute??)

Black Cat Cake:

After 'Black Cat Cake':

Scary, huh?

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