Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Because Manners Are Just For The Holidays

Apparently, my daughter has decided to take it upon herself to get this house crackin' in time for Thanksgiving. She decided to single out her brother today at lunch.

"Jonah, you really need to work better on your manners. It's almost time for Thanksgiving. Stop talking with food in your mouth, no yelling at the table, no playing and STOP showing people your food! Chew with your mouth closed."

And while she was at it, dear brother left the table and got this ear full:

"And another one! Don't leave the table until everyone is finished!"

Well then, my work here is done.

Truth be told, we could use a little manner maintenance. Little girl not excluded.

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  1. I really think girls are just naturally bossy...I know, I have 3 big enough to be bossy!


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