Friday, November 13, 2009

Hi Lo: November 13th


1. I'm still basking in the glow of sweet memories from last week's concert.

2. We had some warmer weather last Saturday, so Reed and I were able to get all of the Christmas lights hung on the house. No small task for homeowners of a two story home!

3. I got some great deals due to some great sales last Saturday. A little more Christmas shopping done at Christopher & Banks and a local home decor shop. Found a number of additions that will look wonderful on my Thanksgiving table.

4. We held our second Little Flowers meeting this week. We had so much fun! It's SO worth the effort when your little girl says the next day that "the whole meeting was so much fun."


1. Lily has a cold. And a runny nose. *sniffle*

2. Jonah is back to a too-early morning routine. Those aren't ever good days in this house. It leads to a weary mommy and very growly little boy.

3. I pulled something in my lower back doing something ordinary early in the week. Still hurts, just not all the time. Hoping to avoid the chiropractor's office. It's been enough to keep me away from my exercising, which isn't good since I was just starting to fall back into a good routine.

4. Reed found out that a couple of moles he recently had removed need further surgery/treatment since they were skin cancer. Neither should be a big deal, but with the one he will have to have the skin removed in the area layer by layer and tested until they get to the layer that is without the cancer. Thankfully, it isn't bad enough that they are concerned since he can't even get in for that appointment until January.

How was your week? What were your Highs and Lows?


  1. My Hi was getting my table runners! They are beautiful!!!

  2. Like that pie at the top of your blog!

    So sorry about your lo's, prayers for Reed, hope your back is better soon, not good when Mama can't lift!

    My 2 littles have had the sniffles for a week now...almost better, so thankful it was not anything more than that!

    My Babycakes(the 3 year old) has been getting up at 7am on the nose since the time change....too early for this mama!

  3. prayers for Reed's skin! And for better mornings...

  4. Just give your son a big dose of benedryl before bed....just kidding! Just remember, this too shall pass. I feel like every hard thing the kids go through is just a fleeting phase (as you know!). Thanks for playing :)

  5. praying for Reed. I have some ideas kicking around in the ole noggin about the early riser... I have one too and for my sanity, I MUST solve it!


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