Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Final Week!!

I'm checking and double-checking my lists. Running the numbers on the calculator and consulting the Christmas budget. Checking the pantry and pulling out recipes. I'm literally picking my brain to be sure that I have everything covered.

You remember when I mentioned almost a month ago that I had a goal? And that it was to be out of the stores BY December 1st? That's next week. You know what? I think I'm gonna make it.

I've shopped in-store and online. I've cut down our gift giving. Made a couple of cuts in our Christmas card list. I am minimizing stress.

The Christmas cards are written out (we kept it pretty simple this year) and addressed, gifts tucked away and even a couple of more time consuming and heartfelt gifts have been created and ordered. Even our Advent book basket/craft projects/family reading are shaping up. There is sweet relief in all of this. More than I had imagined.

Of course, there will inevitably be something that I missed or forgot. But then, that's why I've got hubby and I'm sure he'll make an emergency stop in the store for me if needed. It should only be for a gift certificate or two or the obvious groceries I couldn't stock up on.

But I will be out of the stores and in the comfort of my home next week. And if last week's quick run into the local Walmart is any indication (of which was already playing Christmas music), well, then I'll be avoiding a whole slew of crazy shoppers and their nasty coughs and colds too.


  1. Per your advice I have almost finished all my shopping as well. I am excited to make December about Christ! Usually the stress of shopping, etc. distracts me too much. Great idea. Thanks- Tara

  2. You inspired me, too, Sarah! I am DONE!!! Gonna be a great Advent!

  3. I am almost done too! I think the only thing left on my list is a couple more things for my sister, and then for the little girl that I'm shopping for who was on the Giving Tree at my local YMCA.

    I like getting it all done early!

  4. You go, Girl:)

    And I forgot to add in my email...we started giving the kids 3 gifts last year (3 was enough for Jesus, it should be enough for us too:)) and it certainly helped simplify our family's celebration and focus on the true meaning of the season. I hope you have a wonderful first week of advent!!

  5. Glad to hear that so many of you will be joining me in celebrating the true gift of Christmas and a blessed Advent season!!

  6. Hopefully I will be done after Black Friday's shopping spree. But as for the Christmas cards...who knows? You are on the ball!!

  7. Wow, I'm so impressed with all the "on the ball" people!! Great job! I did get my Christmas cards ordered yesterday (we do the picture card thingy) But that's it.

    I just know all I can handle right now is one holiday at a time.

    One year, we did get everything done very early and then once the season hit, I felt kind of left out...like I was missing something. I kept finding things that I'd wished I'd gotten for so and so... I think it made me realize that I actually like everything that goes with the season, the planning, the shopping, everything. I don't think if my shopping is done, I will actually pray more.

    It is a busy time though and anything to make it go smoother is worth it!

    One year, I downsized our Christmas card list and then of course, I ran into 2 men (older men) at our Adoration chapel and one had gotten a card, we see him more often and the other had not, and the one who did, said something about the kiddos, and the other said hmmmm...we didn't get our picture yet!!! I quickly mailed a picture out for him!

    I do send way too many cards though...

  8. Well, since we just moved, our Christmas card list has increased. BUT, with all honesty, I can say that this is the first year EVER that:
    1. My cards are ordered and will be mailed out before the 20th (hee, hee)
    2. My shopping is DONE!! I have an item on layaway that we pick up on the 8th. But other than that, we are done! I plan to spend this Advent appreciating not being busy. If I go to the mall with my mom when she comes, it will be because it's fun, not because I need to find something. I will not be caught up in the last minute shopping as I have in years past. AND, that means we will have more of our paycheck at our disposal as Christmas approaches to do fun things as a family!

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  9. Good for you, Sarah! I have done the same thing for a few years, and I love it. This year has been a bit different ... I think it's because I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time. I just couldn't think past it. Now, I am really trying to get shopping done quickly. Perhaps by next weekend?! At least I know what I'm getting for most folks =) Happy Advent!


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