Friday, November 6, 2009

Looking Toward Advent

While we are just beginning November and the season of Advent is a few weeks off, I have already began to think on the season ahead.

In an effort to bring about a more peaceful and memorable four weeks of preparation for Christ's birth, I've already committed to being out of the stores by December 1st. Shopping done, pantry stocked. I'm hoping that only NEEDED errands will get me in the doors and gracing the aisles of Walmart and Target during December.

I desire simplicity. I desire peace, comfort and joy as my family awaits Christmas.

In order to do that, I would like to prepare our home and our hearts during those weeks of Advent. I'm looking for something simple, yet meaningful. Something perhaps for the mama, along with something for the family. We have walked the journey through the season of Advent in in the past with Jotham's Journey and we all enjoyed it. We may be ready for a new story and perhaps my children would still enjoy something similar.

Suggestions, anyone? What do you do? What does your family do? How do you prepare? I'd love to hear what you have to say and how you prepare for the great Gift of Christmas!

Many ideas are welcome, so share away!


  1. I am desiring the same thing, Sarah! I will be interested to see what people suggest!

  2. Thanks, Sarah!! I'd love to hear suggestions b/c with Scooks being 3 this year, I am hoping she may grasp the season a bit.

    My goal is to be ready by December 1st as well, but I'm far from crossing everything off my list:)

  3. Holy Heroes did a great job last year with daily prayers for the kiddos along with coloring sheets and stories! Check out I think Holy Heroes .com
    I like simple too. We do put up our tree close to St Nicholas day and decorate the tree and fireplace with our Nativity and stockings but I don't put stuff all over, I'm not a nik-nak person, so that's it and that's enough.

    We do put out our Advent wreath that we light at lunch and supper and read readings from some kid Advent books, the kids take turns reading and extinguishing the candles! We have an extinguisher, that we only take out for Advent and they LOVE taking turns extinguishing the candles!

    As I'm thinking about it, it all doesn't sound that simple....

  4. Hmmmm, my absolute FAVORITE time of year! I am an all-out kind of girl, so I am seriously excited to decorate for the first time in our new house!! It will take everything in me to wait until Thanksgiving is over. But I am trying very hard.
    I like the idea of getting prepped for ADvent now, since every year, it seems like I am reading some great advent ideas here or there that I wish I would have known about weeks before hand to have time to prep. So, that is my plan all weekend: to research and come up with ideas for Advent, to order books from the library, and to get myself organized for the upcoming liturgical season. I will check back with you...

  5. Most of our advent traditions are mentioned in my post of "Circle Time - Advent Plans". We enjoy the Jesse Tree, Star Path, O Antiphons and of course the advent wreath. We read book from the Catholic Mosaic list as well as Mary's Little Donkey.

    I organize the weeks something like this:
    Week 1 - Gingerbread, St. Nicholas
    Week 2 - Santa Lucia, Swedish customs, Our Lady of Guadalupe
    Week 3 - Christmas Trees, Gifts, Nutcracker
    Week 4 - Winter Solstice, Donkey
    Week After Christmas - Stars, Epiphany, Mary Mother of God

    There is a blog devoted to advent named "O Night Divine" and the 4Real message board has a wealth of ideas for preparation and celebration.

  6. Thank you, thank you!! I knew I could count on you ladies helping me out! :)
    Great ideas. I can't wait to get started with my planning.
    Thanks for passing all the wonderful ideas along. Can't wait for a blessed Advent this year!


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