Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mama Bear

Do you ever feel like a big mama bear? We get all protective of our little cubs and Lord bless that person who may ever stand between us!! We will smother our cubs and take care of them until our dying day, bless our souls.

But sometimes, this mama bear gets weary and drained. Tired and tried. And you? Well, the last couple of weeks my little male cubbie has taken to an even earlier rising time. To say that this dear child has ever been on a consistent, set routine in his sleeping habits would be the blunder of the year.

The thing is this: He's getting up at 6:00 AM! Understand that at best, in a good phase, he'd sleep until 7:00 or perhaps even 7:30. I don't think that it is the time change, although it does seem incidental that he fell back into this latest pattern about then. Realistically, I think it was about time. We had been having too long of a 'good run' with him and it was time to switch it up.

Is it the worst thing? No. The part that is a major issue with me is that hubby has been leaving for work earlier (5:30am) and that leaves me to start the day. Just mama bear and her cubs. That also leaves me with starting the day by 6:00am. I had made this transition months ago in order to allow me to get ready/showered for my day, along with my morning prayer time. I NEED both. I NEED to do both right away in the morning! So, you see where there's a problem.

Thankfully, I've been able to maintain Cubbie's nap most every day. He needs it. I need it. I need the down-time or extra time with his sister and it works best at that time. Even if naps were eliminated due to his early rising (I'm already anticipating that you mama's are ready to suggest that in my comment box), which we've tried, he's still way too tired in the evening. Left alone, by supper time he's in a heap and zonked out on the couch. Due to that and most recently, my own sanity, I keep the naps. This is a strong-willed, energetic, spirited little boy we are talking here. And he can be a VERY ANGRY bear cub, very easily and very quickly in the course of any given day. Do you see why I am weary?

I'm muddling through and realize that it is but another stage and season. It will pass and we'll be on to the next (O Lord, please let it be a good one!!). But for now, should I be short and cross with you, you will understand. I will do my best to keep a smile on my face and a glimmer in my eye.

Excuse me though if we cross paths and I am not in the least bit chipper, because some days I feel and look more like this:

*Editor's Note: I realize that all of you mom's reading this who have more than two children and many more that are younger than mine, are probably chuckling at my complaint. And rightfully so, I give each of you credit at the amazing things you do each day for your children and I don't know how you do it so faithfully. But for me right now, this is just the lot I've been given. Not by my own choice, but by God's plan.


  1. Sarah-I NEVER chuckle at sleep deprived Mamas...it's so hard, isn't it? I feel your pain! Good luck sorting this one out!

  2. Any change in sleep, awake times, etc...is hard no matter how many kids you have!

    Pray that God helps you to deal with it. I have one child who never napped even as a baby and after 9months of praying for her to sleep, I started praying that God help me to deal with her not sleeping!

  3. Thanks for the reminder Jamie! It's so much easier to hope that things will get back to 'normal', when perhaps there's a change that needs to be embraced and prayed upon. Will have to remember that!

  4. We all have our own crosses and should never compare. I am not good when lacking in sleep, and I totally get the need for your own routine before the kids get up. I go in waves where it works, but it seems like they just end up getting up earlier and still upsetting my "me" time. Hang in there mama bear; some day you will have all the time you want to sleep and will miss these days.

  5. I think lack of sleep is the HARDEST thing about having kids. Well, my oldest is only 6, so I may change my mind during the teenage years!! Can you go to bed earlier or shower at night? Can you wake up with your hubby in the morning? He might appreciate the company :)

  6. Kids are tiring no matter what the age. They suck the energy out of you and no matter how long your fuse is, they ALWAYS find the end of it.

    Keep up those naps and when they no longer sleep, insist on QUIET TIME. My kids have four choices. They can sleep, read, think or pray. And their feet do not touch the floor. If they follow these rules, I can fall asleep to the hum of the dishwasher after lunch.

    I hope your husband's early departure means an early arrival time? Mine leaves at 9am and gets home at 6:30pm so dinner is often out off until 7:00. I would much rather eat by 5:00 and send them to bed at 7:00!


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