Monday, January 30, 2012

While Waiting III

Again, chronicling another weekend of waiting on baby. In case you missed the first installments, here are Week I and Week II.

If it's winter time and you are waiting on baby, you will take advantage of a sunny, warmer day and build a snow fort.

If little girls only take a short morning nap, you'll decide to do a trial photography session to see how well she handles it. And then you'll find that the feather boa is cute, but since she is very ticklish she only tolerates it for about two seconds before whipping it off.

If the troops get restless, you'll find that a walk in the crisp winter air takes their mind off their crabbiness and gets in some quick exercise for mama too.

If all else fails, you'll find that a new addiction to a little thing called Pinterest can waste away oodles of time. And, get you inspired to take your nesting to a whole new level in the craftiness department.

If you get hungry for something sweet, maybe baby will decided to arrive when he/she smells some yummy cupcakes fresh out of the oven.

Frost them with some homemade cocoa buttercream frosting and at least you'll be satisfied, despite baby not arriving all weekend long. Again.

In the end, we keep plenty busy because baby is worth the wait. Some of us get a little tired though and decide that we might as well take a snooze in the mean time.

Sorry to bore you with the details of our waiting period, but I figure I might as well post something because I don't want my readers to get antsy.

How was your weekend? How's every little thing in your corner of the neighborhood?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Words Of Wisdom: Don't Blink

Over at Suscipio this week there was this post, which couldn't have come at a better time. In a nutshell, it perfectly cast a light onto all of the worries and fear that have accumulated over the last weeks.

There's something about planning a first birthday party for my baby and at the same time planning for the imminent labor & delivery of another baby. Both, within a week or two of one another.

God is in the details and all will be well. I know this to be true because He's sent me reminders this week that tell me so.

A must read for those of us in the trenches--you know, I never thought it would be ME in THESE trenches. I'm glad it is though because it's going to give me a lot of new perspective of all that matters and will also help me work on that Tranquility thing.

Thank you, Elizabeth Foss, for the beautiful post. I will surely be reading it over and over again.

BTW, the above photo is Gianna as a newborn. No new baby to post about...yet.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

For My Due Date Buddy *Update*

Patty and I have shared a special bond over these past months. A due date, but also thoughts and prayers spread between miles.

She's meeting her sweet Baby Joy this morning via c-section. Please send a few extra prayers for her and baby. I know she'll appreciate them.

And later, hopefully you can go meet her little one over at her blog. I cannot wait to see this precious little one we have prayed and eagerly awaited.

**It's a GIRL!!** Go Congratulate Patty and her family.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When He Wants A Baby Brother

Have you ever seen this book? I ran across it last year, just weeks before Gianna was born. Perched upon a shelf, on display at the library. It caught my eye and thought it may be a good read for my boy who was determined that baby would definitely be a boy.

We read the book a couple of times and I fell in love with it. The little boy is so sure that his mom is having a baby boy and he keeps mentioning it throughout the book. Baby will not be a girl, he's sure of it. He keeps being reminded that baby could be a sister and that no matter what, when he sees his sibling he'll know that it's exactly what he wanted all along.

The last couple of pages:

'I bend down and kiss my little baby sister's head, and I feel all soppy and silly.'

'And Mom was right. I did get the kind I wanted all along-even if I didn't know it.'

This book really helped last time around getting Jonah to the point of understanding that baby could be a sister. Our family would be blessed no matter what the gender of baby and our prayer was that baby would arrive safe and healthy.

The book jumped out at me again recently at the library.

Sure, we all think baby IS in fact a boy this time around, but we could all be very surprised come baby day. And for a boy who REALLY wants a brother THIS time around, we probably need to read the book another couple of times as a little reminder.

Monday, January 23, 2012

While Waiting II

Another week of waiting on baby brings another post of the things we do while waiting. Sorry, but knowing my history you are probably guaranteed at least another one of these posts next week too.

Over the last week I've kept busy:

putting my feet up
earning more Swag Bucks
keeping the kids on task at school
maintaining the household
cooking and freezing baby food for Gianna
preparing freezer pleaser meals for after baby arrives
etc, etc....

Over the weekend we attended a family event sponsored by our parish and the local KC's. Unfortunately, after enjoying weeks of glorious and warm winter weather things turned nasty this past week. Saturday afternoon brought gusty wind, blowing snow and frigid weather to be out in.

We did get in on some of the fun with a horse-drawn wagon ride, which was pretty enjoyable.

Turkey bowling, anyone?

Of course, there was also plenty of food to enjoy and apple cider to keep us warm. To end the afternoon, there was even Mass (indoors). A small gathering of hearty Minnesotans, but it was a welcome diversion for those of us waiting on baby time.

This little girl is taking advantage of the waiting and squeezing in all the daddy time she can get.

Happy Monday!

*Colleen, this is written IRTime. Yup, I'm still here. *wink*

Friday, January 20, 2012


Thank you, man in the brown uniform and Mr. FedEx for delivering big boxes to my doorstep today.

Although the weather is warmer than yesterday, I don't know that me and my belly will be bundling up to head out.

But at least the kids are provided with endless entertainment and imagination to busy themselves.

Who cares what's in the box when it comes with oodles of packaging paper?

Delivery men, my kids and my sanity thank you.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Pinks, Blues And Neutrals Too!

*As of Monday's doctor appointment I am 4cm dilated, 60% effaced and baby is at 0 Station. I better get back to my nesting...

Monday, January 16, 2012

While Waiting

I have about 3 1/2 weeks until my due date. Mostly likely I will have four more weeks until actual baby day, going by my record so far. Suddenly though the weeks are counting down and perhaps it's nesting or maybe it's just the settling in of reality, but I'm realizing time is limited. I've got a list prepared of all that needs to be done (wash baby clothes, make lists for kids, prepare freezer meals, prepare freezer baby food for Gianna, rearrange nursery items to accommodate supplies for both littles, etc.) Not all time consuming things, but THINGS none the less. Again, I'm sure I've still got plenty of time.

In the midst of that are little things that we promised the kids we'd do before baby arrives. One of them was that we'd take an hour drive to stock up our pantry at Aldi's and Sam's Club, along with hitting up a new Cherry Berry yogurt bar.(Thanks, Jamie for the heads up!!)

We delivered on that promise over the weekend. End result: a stocked pantry and some very pleased yogurt-filled bellies.

Have you been to Cherry Berry? There are an assortment of flavors to choose from, then you load on the toppings (not too much though, because you are paying per ounce) and enjoy!

We each made our own and then taste tested between the four of us. White chocolate and chocoholic for mama; cookie monster for Lily; cheesecake and chocoholic for Jonah; vanilla bean for daddy. Top them off with fruits, candies, brownie pieces and Bobas to your liking and we were set.


We stopped by my favorite craft store while running errands and I bought several things for a couple projects before baby arrives. You know, because I have so much time on my hands. Although exhausted when we came home, I put this together last night as my 2012 reminder.

Now I'll just wait and see how things are looking after my doctor appointment this afternoon. And then, continue to wait.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anyone Hear That Chirping Sound?

It's only quiet here on my blog because...

--I seem to still struggle with any real brain activity happening in this pregnant brain besides fulfilling the daily tasks that lie ahead.

--We are still rebounding into normal routine after our Christmas break.

--After celebrating a special couple and their beautiful wedding over the weekend, I'm still thinking about how truly blessed that they are family.

--My nearly eleven month old has practically taken off running around the house in the last day or two.

--I'm enjoying ordinary time, with ordinary things to do.

--We're busy enjoying the unseasonable warm, brown January in MN weather.

--I'm contemplating all the things I 'should' be doing to prepare for baby and things that I really should unpack. But then I still think I've got plenty of time for all of that and put my feet up instead.

--In my free time I'm busy earning Swag Bucks, of which I'm addicted to, in order to get more Amazon gift cards(scroll down my sidebar and click on Swagbucks icon to start earning and I'll get rewarded too!).

Lest you think I am doing something monumental like, say, having a baby extremely early (I'll be 36 weeks on Thursday), rest assured I'm just here hanging out at home.

How's every little thing with you?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Word

Over the last couple years I've read from other bloggers who chose a word for their new year's focus. I haven't been able to follow suit, but thought this year I may only be able to attend to the reminder of a word, rather than a list of mighty goals.

While I've never made resolutions or been the greatest at goal-setting, I still live life in a way of finding aspirations and models to find inspiring along the journey.

I have a few things in mind for 2012 for our family and also hope to make a short list with hubby too. Not necessarily big things, but small things that will help our greater good. With preparing for a changing household and another baby, just on the heels of a monumental first year with Gianna, I think we're allowed to take it one day at a time in 2012.

One thing I have in mind for me personally is to allow myself time. I tend to push myself in a number of areas sometimes in order to try and maintain SuperMom mentality. Oh, I'm not that great at it, but I have expectations that many times are unmet due to my overzealous perfectionism. I think on the inside I put more pressure on myself to be 'doing' so many more things than I need to or can do. There is always the "Mom Guilt" that arises and makes failure feel inevitable. I want to be able to enjoy this year and life with my wonderful husband, my growing big kids and the transition of two little kids. 2012 holds so much potential for our family!!

One concrete thing that I hope to make changes in is the area of exercise/physical wellbeing. I've been able to maintain a good pregnancy again and keep up the exercise this whole time. I'm looking toward getting back to my normal self and a healthy weight and size. I have ambitions of getting into my best health ever (even if it's not a HOT body, but an overall healthy one) and attempting running. Yes, RUNNING. I even aspire to at least do one 5K this year. I think all of my following Colleen has left me VERY inspired. (Thanks, Colleen!!) We'll see how I do and how I bounce back after baby and go from there.

Ok, so Word for 2012:


Definition: free from agitation of mind or spirit (a tranquil self-assurance); free from disturbance or turmoil (a tranquil scene)

Synonymns: calm, peaceful, placid, hushed, restful, serene, still, quiet

I think this word is ideal for me as I look ahead with great anticipation in the new year. A new year that sometimes scares me a little because of all the unknown juggling and potentially tiring days ahead (you do recall that I can sometimes be an OCD, obsessive planner, right??). I'm looking forward to days that are utterly tranquil and serene with our growing family. Letting go of what is not in my control and what doesn't need tending to for today. Embracing each day in peace rather than in uptight, stressful mode.

2012 is going to be a very good year for me and for our family.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just Write:: New Year

The old calendar is replaced by the new and the slate feels so clean: fresh and new. A new beginning always feels so freeing and full of endless possibilities.

I look at the year ahead and wonder all of the great moments that will fill it. I feel like I've been here before, on the very edge of bringing new life into the world. I have been. Just last year. Oh my, how things have changed.

But here I am, a new calendar, a new year and finally nearing the end of a most surprising pregnancy.

As the contemplations of the new horizon ahead swirl around, I catch the other smallest member of the family toddling and walking around out of the corner of my eye. She doesn't know I watch or that silently I freeze-frame the moment in my mommy heart. She moves quicker now, knowing that she can move faster than mommy and belly can even begin to take me.

We are all on the verge of new horizons and adventures in the new year. I wonder if hers scare her as much as mine do me? Uncertainty comes with this uncharted territory. I don't like uncertainty or flying by the seat of my pants.

The calendar will fill at a most rapid rate and life will keep moving. And changing. A new little, amazing being will enter our lives before we know it and I'll be swept away in his/her littleness. The days will be full, even while the calendar seems most empty. I've been here before. Just a short year ago. And I can't believe that we are on this side of the first year.

It sparks gratitude and joy at the achievement. We all survived and we'll do it all over again. I couldn't have prepared for days such as these even in my wildest plans. But HE did. HE found a way to fill my calendar and my mommy cup to overflowing.

I stop to contemplate it but find it beyond comprehension and perhaps it's not as scary as I think. I may have just discovered the perfect word as my 2012 focus.

Just Write is an exercise in free writing your extraordinary and ordinary moments. Find more Just Write links over at EO.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

How We Spent Our Christmas Vacation

While we were off on Christmas vacation all last week, I found that time can fly equally as fast whether schoolwork is part of our day or not. There were plenty of little things to be done, in addition to try and take it easy to some degree. I mentioned on facebook last week that I have officially hit the third trimester brick wall...tired, achy, miserable and generally just ready to be done. But I shouldn't complain, because it could be worse. (God bless you ladies whom He imparts with bigger/rounder bellies at this point in pregnancy--I don't know how you do it!)

Any way, most of the week was a blur but I did manage to catch some of it digitally.

Gianna had a really big week and seemed to grow up almost overnight. *sigh*

Sometimes it was just a little much for our little BooBoo...

Other times she was just content and we'd find her peacefully in the oddest of places (seen here under the island chair, chewing on my cell phone)...

She also decided to take off on her own and begin her journey walking *deep sigh* and these skidders helped her do just that...

As if the walking didn't keep her busy enough, the Christmas tree seemed to fill in the gaps and provided for endless entertainment (holding favorite ornament that she had pulled off the tree for the 1,358th time)...

The big kids enjoyed their Christmas treasures, but were mostly seen in these positions playing their new Wii games (this was allowed more than usual since a)they had no school b)their mother was exhausted c)their mother was too busy pulling the baby out of the Christmas tree)...

Friday brought a couple inches of snow after a brown Christmas. Although not huge winter weather fans, it did provide for a distraction and some outdoor fun...

We have a Snow Baby on our hands! Gianna gets absolutely giddy out in the snow in the sled. It's nice at least one of us likes that white stuff...

And, she eats it too...

I managed to squeeze in most of the lesson planning that will finish out the school year (BTW-I'm still loving the Homeschool Tracker program I'm using this year)...

This week we'll be back in the saddle with school work, chores and routine. I'll be glad for that....I think. We also have our niece's wedding to look forward to on Saturday, of which we are all excitedly anticipating!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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