Thursday, January 30, 2014

Theme Thursday: Barns

The theme today is BARNS.  Oh gosh, there are a number of them I stumble upon in these parts.
I had the thought that I could go driving around to find one of my favorites and capture it with snow drifted around it. 

Wouldn't that have been pretty?

But life in the tundra has left too many days that are so unbearable with below zero temperatures and horrific wind chills.

Instead I happened to remember this one I had sitting in my computer:

I took this one in the fall on the way to my brother's house driving down the gravel road out in the country. While it's not really a good shot of just a barn, it's a photo of a barn, a farm and pretty much exhibits rural MN in the fall with the cornstalks in the field.

I can almost smell the country, feel the fall breeze and fall in love with MN.

And on a day like today that's a very good memory to hold on to and the reminder that this winter will one day pass.

I think.

Head on over to Cari's for more BARNS today.

Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Hopping right in with all the Friday fun with 7 random Takes from the home front.


From the Gianna files:

"Are we going to get Margaret's potty train?"

"No, you can help me POTTY TRAIN her so she will go potty on the toilet and wear big girl undies like you."

Then, quizzically, "But when are we going to go get her potty train?"

So I guess the idea that the almost 3 yo toddler would help me with the almost 2 yo toddler potty training is just too confusing.


It's always exciting to have a new little family member, isn't it? I enjoy watching other women's bellies round and form little people as we all anticipate little one's arrival. I became auntie again for the 12th time yesterday. Miss Alice arrived yesterday, overdue by a week. I'm betting my little girls are gonna have a blast traumatizing playing when she comes to visit!


Another one from Gianna:

While picking out the day's underwear she says to daddy,

" I have My Little Pony underwear, stars ones and picnic underwear!"


 The 'picnic' underwear are a pink and white plaid pair. What original thinking, my dear.


Not to be outdone by the female population, Jonah has had some interesting things on his mind lately. Like the other night after bath.

"Will I ever get cancer?"

"Well, I can't say for sure, but most people don't. I hope not."

" Oh good. I don't think I would look very good bald."

"I'm sorry, but have you seen the men on your dad's side of the family? They are mostly lacking hair on their heads. Unless you got my amazing hair genes, that may be your future hair as well."

Downcast. "Well, is there some kind of spray or something that I can put on my hair to make sure I don't go bald?"

"Sure, but most men are stubborn and choose not to use it (like your dad)."

He moves on, still thinking.

"It's just that I don't think I'll be very attractive if I am bald."

Oh man, where does this stuff come from?


Lily and I decided to start a new hobby in 2014. After Patty posted about her daughter making a hat, I was impressed and inspired. Thanks to some guidance from Patty, I started searching knitting and loom knitting. It turns out loom knitting is like the bees knees and a bit easier to learn (mommy brain likes easy). I spent a little extra Christmas money on two round loom sets, a flower loom and yarn to get us started. It's so much fun! We finished the girls' hats first and then Lily worked on hers and finished in a day, just picking it up at leisure. I'm almost finished with one for baby Alice and then we have a couple requests for a couple more. A yarn shopping spree is in order for this weekend. Yeah, we're just a little addicted.


Here's a goodie from Pope Francis, you know, cuz that man has always got something good to say. I only wish I could remember 1/4 of what His Awesomeness says. I blame Mommy Brain.

Here's what he said on World Communication Day this week:

'In a world like this, media can help us to feel closer to one another, creating a sense of the unity of the human family which can in turn inspire solidarity and serious efforts to ensure a more dignified life for all. Good communication helps us to grow closer, to know one another better, and ultimately, to grow in unity.'

As someone who took a hiatus from blogging for a few months I can definitely attest to this solidarity of which he speaks. Modern communications can definitely be a very good thing when used for good and to build up and encourage the Body of Christ.


You've seen the Sheenazing Award nominees, right?

My goodness, there are some excellent blogs out there! There are a good number of my buddies to vote for and so many new friends to meet.

If you haven't already seen Bonnie's amazing list or voted, what are you waiting for?

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! As for us, we are planning to head to my hometown for 'Winter Worship'-Mass with a ton of people, a couple of our favorite priests and our new Bishop! Along with a visit to my parents as well.

(What? I didn't tell you about our new Bishop and how I got to meet him?  Well, I've got a pic or two to share. You'll have to wait until next week when I hope to do a catch up post for you all.)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Theme Thursday: Unaware

I'm a bit late to the Theme party today it seems. You know, prowling around like a ninja is actually harder than I thought? It seems my kids are so AWARE of me that I can't even catch them UNAWARE.


I  was suppose to be teaching the big kids at school. Instead, I found the destructive duo delightfully busy twosome doing their morning usual.

That would be 'painting' the windows. The girls have found that the right combination of frigid temps (read: -20 degrees) on the outside and warm temps inside, caught between a patio door and curtains all night = lots of water. That water needs to be 'painted' each morning to ensure that our windows look so very clean and flawless to all that pass on by.

We're winning awards here people for cleanest windows in the five state area. I am sure of it.

Check out what all the other prowling led to over at Cari's for more Catching People Unaware Thursday.

Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm Ba-a-ck......

Sometimes time away guarantees a return, eventually.

In my absence from this place I realized that the time away gave me time to just settle in with daily life at home. Over time I missed each of you more, despite still reading from you or commenting at your places. - I miss you like a person on a cleanse misses their sanity.

In truth, most of the over three months hiatus I didn't really miss blogging. I did miss,however, using my creative juices or just sharing with you via my blog. At the time when I disappeared to places unknown, I just felt like I lost my mojo and it didn't really matter if anyone read from me again. Truthfully, in one day it was just gone. Poof! I just didn't care.

While this sounds like I went off the deep end or went into depression or got dropped off at Crazyville, it wasn't that at all. I just needed to step back. Many several of you checked in with me and said how much you missed me here (HI Mom!!). There was even the guess that perhaps my lack of posting had a hidden meaning, the nine month variety. Sorry, that's not it either. No announcement here.

I contemplated many days writing a Good Bye post or shutting down my blog, but instead I just left it idle. Then, through prayer and contemplation, last week something in me began to stir again. The eagerness was back and it felt time to reconnect with my buddies.

There will be changes and my blog reading list has dwindled considerably. I had to find that in between place where I was encouraged by reading from you, but not left feeling inferior and less than best of a mom/woman of God. These months have helped me settle in to less stress and less obligation, which I greatly needed.

So, from here I'll move forward slowly. Some weeks I may post nothing, but I'll learn to be ok with that. It may only become a blog full of daybooks, recipes, Theme Thursdays, Jamie's Thankfuls, Quick Takes, random stuff from here and an occasional thoughtful post. Those are, after all, easiest to write and most often most of what I like to read from you. Choose to keep reading if you like and Welcome Back if you are an old friend.

I've missed you.
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