Friday, October 2, 2009

Pope Benedict And Divine Mercy

Book Review:

Pope Benedict's Divine Mercy Mandate

This book writes about the countless ways that Pope Benedict is carrying on the legacy of Pope John Paul II's message of Divine Mercy. Pope Benedict is continuing the conversation that our beloved JPII began in spreading the news of mercy and more importantly, the devotion of Divine Mercy as revealed to St. Faustina.

It's a reminder that we are not merely called to proclaim it, but to live lives of mercy each day. It is through prayer and the Sacraments that we are each graced to serve others and live lives of mercy toward those around us. Each chapter is summed up with end of chapter reminders on how to "fulfill the mandate" laid before you. They are great synopsis that tie together Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul II's messages.

Throughout the book as you come to better understand God's great mercy, you begin to carry on John Paul II's legacy and make it your own. In responding, we are especially called to proclaim John Paul's great testament of mercy: "How much the world needs to understand and accept Divine Mercy!"

Our faith becomes "more profound". Our hope becomes "more alive". Our love becomes "more ardent". Through this spiritual action- in faith, hope, and love- we place ourselves "securely in God's hands". We trust in Him. It is our response to His mercy.

Through this book you will be encouraged to become a herald of love and Divine Mercy in the world.

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