Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's What She Said

I'll be the first to admit that my relationship with Lily is going through some growing pains and it's happening more often now that she's seven. The temper flares a little quicker and some times I wonder where her cute little girly-girl days have gone. I know that there are stages that we all go through in life and times of change, I just hadn't been prepared. She still does have some pretty cute things to say and still seems to enjoy when I make the time to hear them. She knows how to make me giggle and how to touch my heart in an instant.

Sometimes, she can be my ego-booster:

"Mom, you look REALLY skinny today. Like thinner than yesterday."

Sometimes, she comes across as Miss Fashionista:

"I don't like that shirt. It looks HORRIBLE on you. That's really NOT your color."

Sometimes, wit comes flying out her mouth:

While working on some math problems,
"I can't get this! It's like my brain just fell out of its compartment!"

Sometimes, she surprises me by sharing what she's thinking about:

"I thought you said adoption costed like $100 and you couldn't afford it. Well, that's fine if you decide to adopt, but if you do I GET TO PICK OUT THE BABY!!"

And sometimes, she overhears my conversations and hears my fears and responds:

"That's okay if we can't go anywhere. We can just stay home all winter. That's okay with me. I'm fine with that."


  1. How precious are these?! Hilarious, witty, and sweet:)

  2. It isn't the first time I have wished that our little girls could grow up together. :)

  3. OK, I mostly got excited to see the adoption talk mentioned!!

    BUT, yes those 7 year olds are just giving us a touch of what's ahead in the teen years. I need to start writing down the wonderful things she does still say!

  4. My 7 yo is fiesty too. Those are great quotes to treasure!


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