Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Simple Logic

While pulling out couch cushions to create 'his house'.

Boy: Hey! Look what I found! A Lucky Charm (the cereal)!

Mama: Oh wow. Where did you find that?

Boy: It was on the floor.

Mama: You should toss that. It's yucky now.

Boy walks to end of couch and tosses Lucky Charm under couch.

Mama: Why did you throw it under there and not in the garbage?

Boy: Because I had to put it some place where it would always be safe.

Well then, that makes perfect sense. I wonder what else he's stashed under there for safe keeping? I think I'll save that for another day to find out.


  1. Cute, I wonder what he's keeping it safe from? Maybe mama's vacuum?

  2. I love the way little kids think!! Just have your camera ready when you get the nerve to find out what all he has been "keeping safe." You just may have to blog it :)


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