Friday, October 23, 2009

Hi Lo: October 23rd


1. I survived my visit to the dentist this week. I was not as eagerly anticipating it as my kids were a couple of weeks ago. Something about having someone poke in my mouth for an hour that bothers me. But, I made it through and survived.

2. We had fairly nice weather last weekend which enabled us to finish up some outdoor fall projects and winterizing. Glad that's finished!

3. I worked on some Christmas shopping and got a few things crossed off the list, both online and in-store. That's a good feeling. I'm aiming to be out of the stores by Dec. 1st so that our family can celebrate the season of Advent a bit better this year.

4. One of my favorite people came to visit.

5. I received my latest book to review for Catholic Company. You'll have to wait and see what it is, but so far it looks pretty good!


1. I need to schedule a return visit to the dentist. A tooth that the dentist has been keeping an eye on is starting to lead to a cavity and needs to get filled. Dentist says that where it is would be typical of people who've had braces (I'd had them 3 times when I was younger!!) and it has probably gradually been working on it. Nonetheless, *blah*.

Not a bad week, huh? How was your week? What were your Highs and Lows?

Have a great weekend! I'm celebrating this weekend and I'll be posting a birthday giveaway either Sunday or Monday. Be sure to watch for it!


  1. I went to the dentist too this week - forgot to add it to mylist! I got 2 cavities filled, and she couldn't fill the third one because I wasn't numb enough - ouch!!

    I can't believe you had braces 3 times! Wowsers! You poor girl, no wonder you don't like anyone poking around your mouth anymore.

    We love having Priests over our house too - the kids love playing with them, and we love having them see how fun and normal priests can be :)

  2. We always said we would never get a video game system, but after playing the Wii with friends, we changed our mind! =) Actually my Hubby game it to me as a birthday gift last January. It has been such a fun thing for the whole family to do together!

  3. Oh and Happy BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it is a wonderful one!!!! God bless!

  4. Oh, the darn dentist. And 3 times in braces? That is quite impressive:)

    Way to go on the Christmas shopping! I have the same goal, Dec 1st in hopes of a prayerful, peaceful Advent. So far, you are more ahead of the game than I am. Way to go!!


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