Friday, October 9, 2009

Hi Lo: October 9th


1. My grandpa turned 90 last weekend and a whole bunch of family helped him celebrate. We were able to join them and I had the chance to visit with some family members I haven't seen in awhile. So much fun! Papa looked like he had a lot of fun and still looked like a chipper spring chicken for sure.

2. Lily & Jonah had a check up at the dentist this week. NO cavities! Hooray! Both kids have strong, healthy teeth and the dentist was impressed.

3. The fall colors have emerged around here and I have been taking notice. We took a walk in them the other day, but I've had the chance to do some driving this week that has allowed me to see so many more. My eyes are simply delighted. Words cannot explain how abundant and vibrant they are. I'm hoping to take some more photos over the weekend to share with you.

4. After seeing several commercials lately for Nutella, I decided that we needed to add it to our pantry. It just sounded so darn good and I couldn't figure out why I hadn't ever tasted it before. While on a Target run, I found it for under $3. Not bad. I agree with the commercials, because seriously it IS as good as they claim. I just shouldn't have turned around the container to read the calories.

5. Today is my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom!! Love you!


1. While the tree colors are striking, we've had some icky weather that proceeded them. It's been cold, windy and rainy here. A true Minnesota autumn. Not that bad and easy to accept when you focus on the tree colors and not the inevitable white flakes that will begin to fall in their own good time.

2. With the rain comes the mud. With mud comes kids in mud. A combination I absolutely despise. I refuse to wash their jackets one more time this week!

What were your Highs and Lows this week? Hopefully you are enjoying your autumn, wherever you are. Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for playing Hi Lo again :)

    Glad your grandpa is still a spring chicken at 90 - those are some good genes!

    Ah, yes, the addiction to Nutella's so good, and my kids love it with peanut butter in a sandwich :)

  2. I agree - Nutella is seriously good. I survived on Nutella and bread and coffee for two weeks in Switzerland many years back. My kids love it too but I have to admit it makes me a little, ahem, windy.

  3. God bless your grandpa!

    I definitely need to try that Nutella. I've heard how wonderful it tastes, but haven't got around to getting it.

  4. Hasn't this weather been something else? At least we're all (well, all of us Minnesotans) are in this boat together.

    (That's a little lake humor. We're all in this boat together. Ha.)

    (Corny jokes help us cope.)

    (And so does Nutella.)

    Have a blessed weekend!


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