Thursday, October 22, 2009

He's So Much F-U-N!

We had a guest last night. Well, actually we had two supper guests and one of them stayed overnight. Both of them priests. And we had a BLAST! It worked quite well as we continue in our efforts to do special things for our priests during The Year of The Priest.

My spirits are lifted, my heart is filled. You know how a good friend can do that? And then for that friend to be a mutual one to both you, your husband and your children, well, it tends to leave your heart content and at peace.

I've spoke of him several times here and shown photos, because he is just THAT SPECIAL to our family. He is the Vocations Director for our diocese and there is no mistake why he is in that position. He has a gift and he uses it.

Yesterday, he was speaking to the youth of our parishes here about vocations, so we invited him over for a meal along with our own parish priest. Good conversation and great food (if I do say so) are always a great combination. Afterwards, our guests left so that they could go celebrate Mass with more youth and parishioners. Of course, there again, a wonderful addition to our evening. Then it was back to our house for more good/late evening conversation. This morning, we were fortunate to be blessed with his sunshiny face once again.

To say that the kids were excited to have him visit would be an understatement! They know that Fr. G prays with them, pays attention to them, talks to them, plays with them, is crazy with them. What more could they ask for? It didn't take long for the kids to start running around playing hide and seek and other games with their friend. They were especially excited to postpone school a little bit so that they could eat breakfast with him and play some more!

As always, a good time was had by all of us! I am rejuvenated physically, mentally and spiritually, just by a simple visit. *sigh*

Here's a few photos:

Checking out our schoolroom



Can't you see why we enjoy him so much?


  1. How blessed is your family?! And your kids...wonderful they are surrounded with such close priests:)

  2. I love Father G, he's great!!! He is a wonderful Confessor!!

    How blessed you are to know him so personally! Your children are especially blessed!

  3. How fun!! And what a blessing!

  4. Yes, that's what we think too...we are ABUNDANTLY blessed! Our family couldn't have a better friend!

  5. How special! I love to have priests in our home. It is good for us, good for them, and good for our children. It is definitely a blessing!

    I stopped here after recognizing your picture at Colleen's blog after seeing it at Shower of Roses. It appears we follow a few of the same blogs! :)

    I smiled at the apple post above; these are projects that my children have brought home from school. I always love to see their handiwork!

    Cheers from Nebraska!


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