Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Birthday = Giveaway

It's my birthday and I'm 31! And while I wrote this last year, behind that reminiscence was a whole boatload of fear as I turned 30. Something about that number really bothered me and I suddenly felt 'old' and unhappy that life wasn't exactly what I had pictured for myself at that age. But really, it was all about my home not being filled with more children as I had envisioned at age 3-0.

I quickly got over that and moved on. This 30-thing wasn't really all that bad. I have learned to embrace my thirties and to set forward on my journey. Wherever that may take me and my family. God has been good. My life has been richly blessed.

October is a great month for a birthday. I've always thought that. Through the years I've been happy where my birthday falls. Another month and it will be Thanksgiving and in another two months, Christmas. It's a good run. This year I've found out that I also celebrate with some pretty wonderful ladies, Margaret and Tracy. And my IRL friend, Michelle too! That's some good company to be in!

In order to celebrate with me, I figure I'll give you something too! What a deal, huh? So, I'm going to start by throwing out a disclaimer here. The gift is homemade, however, please understand that by no means am I a professional/flawless seamstress of any kind! That being said, here's what I'm giving away:

A set of 4 of my (reversible) seasonal table runners!

Each table runner features a different holiday on each side:

Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day

Here are the fabrics I will be using:

The final side is your choice of one of these:

Realizing that not everyone has the same taste in style or similar decor in their home, if you win I may be persuaded *wink* to accommodate you for the last side in a different fabric.

I will sew them up promptly and send them out to the winner. If this giveaway intrigues you, please leave a comment on this post and I'll enter your name. You may enter until Wednesday at noon and I'll announce the winner later that day. Send your friends on over who may be interested and want the chance to become a winner!


  1. Sarah,

    A very happy birthday to you! You are right... October is a great month for a birthday (I just wish that this year's Oct wasn't so cloudy and rainy!) I hope you have a wonderful day and a very blessed year!

    In Him,

  2. Happy Birthday!!! May you have a blessed one!

    Great contest! I love the fabric!

  3. Happy birthday! hope you have a wonderful year! Great fabric :)

  4. Happy, happy Birthday! I do think that October would be a GREAT month for a husband claims it is.

    Fun...a giveaway! I have never thought of sewing table runners...duh. I might just have to get on that one and hit up JoAnn's this week. Thanks for the idea:)

  5. Ok, have I told you lately that you are my bestest friend, my favoritest blogger, and the most beautiful person I know? Just thought I should let you know how I feel.

    That being said, I would love the runners! I like the blue fabric on the back of the one we can pick. Happy Birthday :)

  6. Oh! I would LOVE to be entered too! How fun!!

    A very Happy Birthday to you!! God bless!

  7. October is the best month for a birthday, is it not? Although this particular October leaves a little to be desired.

    How generous of you to give something away on your birthday. Handmade to boot. I would not know how to operate a sewing machine if I had one or if I had room for one, so these runners look quite enticing to me.

    Love your contribution to the blog world, Sarah! Happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a blessed day with your beautiful family. :) Re: your post - I can't say that my life looks like I hoped it would at this age either! Maybe we can be prayer buddies and pray for miracle babies for us both! :)

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful one! It is my mom's bday as well :)

  10. Okay, a) happy birthday!!!
    b) I make these too! Only I make mine reversed for the holidays, like a valentines one with a st. pattys on the other side - so you have it out in february and then in march, all you have to do is flip it! :)

    how fun!

    oh, how I wish my sewing machine was not broken. I need to get it fixed... pronto!

  11. I don't see anything in the rules about family members not being eligible. Can I get a chance to win the tabel runners too?

    Your loving husband,


  12. Happy birthday!! :)
    Your fabrics are really cute! DO you do patchwork? I love all those country style americana fabrics :) You should take time to treat yourself with something nice for your new kitchen! ;)


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