Thursday, October 15, 2009


Morning brought this to our house:

So we read this book:

And I think we'll be baking this afternoon. At least the snow is pretty, right? Well, sort of.


  1. Gosh, that's early for snow! Or maybe it always gets to you around now? Hope you enjoyed your baking :)

  2. Wow, and I'm complaining because we just had to turn on our heat this week!! It IS pretty, but you can keep it, okay?

  3. It's not that pretty until December, or after Thanksgiving any time!

    We were pleasantly surprised that when we woke up and looked out, it was only wet from the rain!!! must be warmer here?

  4. Yes, snow in October. That's MN. Just wanted to let you know that I just was at a baby shower and was thinking of you as the Mom spoke about how she had infertility and now has a little boy (her others are 8 and 10). I hope this helps. I prayed for you that night.

  5. NotjustLaura~ oh no. Usually it doesn't arrive quite this early. This is odd and quite frankly maddening!! (can you tell I don't like winter??)

    Jamie~I know, I talked to my dad this morning and they just had rain too. He was surprised when I mentioned the white stuff!

    Cheri~ You just warmed my heart! Thank you for thinking of me and sending your prayers. Every bit of encouragement is helpful and welcomed!! :)


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