Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Splash Of Color

Over the weekend I finally finished my current painting project. While it wasn't ever left half-way finished or looking terrible during the process, it's nice to have it done.

I started it back in August when I felt like I was ready for a change of color, something warmer. I wanted to paint the kitchen, but with the way that our floor plan is all laid out there isn't an easy break or place to begin and end. So, the project turned into painting down the hallway toward the laundry room and then all of the dining room as well. The border in the dining room needed to stay. I like it and it's only about a year and a half old. I'd also already accented with decor that focused around that and wasn't about to unleash an all-out budget crisis for this change, so stuck with JUST painting.

Do you know the difference a color can make? I did or at least thought I did. I've come to appreciate it so much more though! It sure made my home feel warmer and more inviting. I'm happy with the result, especially since the kitchen area is pretty much my 'office'(I've got my laptop on the counter day and night) and I spend lots of time taking care of my domestic church here. This is also the center of the house and the focal point as you enter the front door.

What do you think?




  1. I like the warmer color :) It's hard to tell the difference because of the light in the pictures, but it looks very lovely. I love pumpkin colors like this :) Enjoy your "brand new" home!

  2. LOVE the warm colors. Isn't amazing what a little paint can do??? That's why I'm on an all-out painting mission in this house. Poor husband:)

  3. You have a beautiful kitchen!! I love the warm color! What is the name of the color? I love names of paint colors. They name them cool names to help sell them. I find it interesting.

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm especially enjoying this new color while viewing the chilly weather outside through my patio door!
    Jamie, the color is 'Artisan Pottery'. After I read the name, i realized that the color is indeed like a clay pot all over my walls!

  5. Color makes all the difference. You are lucky to have a white kitchen - almost any color looks good with white!

  6. Beautiful!! It is making me rething my yellow kitchen walls :)

  7. It's amazing how a new paint job can living up and freshen a room! Looks wonderful!


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