Friday, October 16, 2009

Hi Lo: October 16th


1. Reed's family holds an annual family hayride in October and we had that last weekend. Not everyone can attend, but those of us who do usually have a pretty good time. We finish the evening with a potluck too. Good conversation and fun. A niece of ours was home from college for the weekend, so I was able to chat with her. That's always a hoot. She makes me laugh all the time. Thanks Hannah!

2. Due to Columbus Day, Reed was home from work on Monday. I scheduled meeting a new friend for coffee that morning. Good conversation, good coffee and good break for mommy.

3. I got back on the exercise wagon that I fell off of some time ago. It helped me remember how good I do feel when I make the time for it. I need to also remember that although I don't need to do it for weight loss, I need to do it for continued health. Hopefully I can get back into a good routine of it again.

4. We started our Little Flowers group this week! Inspired by Jessica all last year when she shared about their group, I decided to offer it for our homeschool group. I couldn't have been nearly as efficient without Jessica's help. Thanks Jessica! I'm leading the group and we only have 6 members this year, but I think all of us had a good time. I was so busy I only got a photo or two, maybe I can capture a few more next meeting.


1. We're receiving SNOW here off and on this week. *yuck* It's always WAY TOO EARLY for it, especially when it arrives before my birthday later this month. I'm still hoping for one more warm up yet. I'm probably crazy for being so naive.

2. Under that snow are still a ton of leaves that need to be dealt with and my perennials still aren't covered. I'm hoping that the possible forecast of a warm up for the weekend happens and I can at least take care of those two projects. (If not, I'll be the crazy lady out in the yard shoveling snow away in order to get to the leaves and plants so that I can cross those jobs off my fall to-do list!)

3. Due to the colder weather, I decided it was time to put the flannel sheets on our bed. And that's all I have to say about that.

How was your week? What were your Highs and Lows? Colleen shares hers every week too! Read them here.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for playing, Sarah! Putting flannel sheets on my bed would be a high, but to each her own!! Glad you got some Mommy time this week - that's always a major high :)

  2. I'm sure if I lived there, I wouldn't care for the snow either... but down here in 90's in October Houston, I do wish the leaves would fall and the snow would too. I love different seasons! It's balmy here almost all year.

  3. I'm glad to hear that your meeting went well! It is hard to find the time to snap a few pictures during Little Flowers, isn't it?! I think six girls is a nice sized group!! Hope you all have a wonderful year. =)


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