Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thanks, Blogger....I Think

How's everyone doing with the new Blogger layout/format? I'll be honest, after Cari's post I was scared to death to even click on over and try to post.

I don't like change. I especially don't like change in anything involving technology and mass quantities of brain cells that I currently cannot waste on frivolous Blogger changes. So far, I'm surviving with the changes.

Of course, I haven't attempted anything monumental like changing my background or header. I'm guessing that may be a little tougher and time consuming.

What I have found interesting is the changes on my Dashboard that lead to a Stats page. While I've had Sitemeter on here for some time, I mostly look at the numbers that I get from them in my weekly email. Rarely do I delve into where the readers are coming from, reading from, pages read, etc.

However, now that Blogger offers it quickly all on an overview page, it's intriguing. I see my most read posts, traffic sources, pageviews and my audience. Who knew that I have had readers from the Philippines, Ireland, Norway, France and Brazil?! I sure didn't. I also now know that 10% of pageviews have been from iPhones, 6% from Droids and 5% iPads. While I am not a numbers person, I was quite tickled to read all of these stats with a quick click.

Anyone else enjoy the stats or another new function of Blogger?


  1. Nope. Still hate it. Figured out how to switch back to the old version and am muuuuuuch happier.

    Honestly, who makes major layout changes to the blog of a 80 month pregnant lady? Why didn't Blogger consult me on the timing of this overhaul?

  2. I changed. And then I changed back. Because I like things the same. ;-)

  3. And blogger sends all my comments to spam so I already hate blogger. But it's free so can I really complain? :-D

  4. No kidding Cari! What were they thinking?! I think they should consult all pregnant and postpartum mamas before making any sort of change like this in the future.

    I'm glad to know that there is a way to get back to the old way. I may need that for future reference when I try a new header/background and it's all messed up :)

  5. I'm okay with it so far.....

    I'm trying to roll with it, but then again I am not pregnantly hormonal in which case ANYTHING could set me off :)

  6. hahah!! I just read Barbara's comment, I changed back too...hate change, why change something that is working?

    My g-mail is new now too, but can't change back anymore....they've been warning us for months!!1

    I only look at how many people come each day, on my weekly email...no other numbers...just out of curiosity.

  7. OH, and by shutting off word verification, I get at least 3-5 spams a day!!!1

  8. OK. Don't want to tick anyone off, but I like it :) Not easy to adjust to at first because I'm a creature of habit, but I'm doing ok with it now.

  9. I hate it also. It took me forever just to figure out where compose is. But I think wordpress is more confusing so I will deal with it. It says I have readers from all these places too but I dont believe it. Why dont they comment then ever? I bet they just click through blogs without actually reading.


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