Thursday, April 26, 2012

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New signs of spring in my flower garden. While so many of the plants are just peeking out and greening up over this past week, the tulips are in bloom. They help make the winter a distant and faint memory as the days warm up and whisk away the remnants of cold, white winter.


It's flip flop weather! My favorite time of year, despite not having the most pretty feet. I do love when it's warm enough to begin breaking out the flip flops though. Slide my feet in and away I go. They will definitely come in handy this summer as I try to keep up with little Miss On-The-Go, Gianna.


The smile says it all. This girl is beginning to show off her fun personality as she tries more and more each day to talk to us. In a quick instant, she can go from little troublemaker to hilarious toddler. She runs around the house with her long hair flopping wildly up and down as she come barreling around the corner. I can't help but laugh at this funny little lady. I caught her in this photo when I turned on the camera, called her name and she turned, flashing this wide smile.


A quiet moment with my littlest girl all snuggled in close. She is such a sweet baby, who is so easy to take care of with few demands. I take advantage of the moment and smell her sweetness amidst the coziness. It doesn't get any more {real} than a quiet moment with my Snuggle Bug.

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  1. Happy spring weather to you, Sarah! Had to laugh at Gianna's picture. Before I read what you wrote, I thought what you wrote LOL! And little Gretta...I just want to put my hands into the computer screen and take her into my own arms for snuggles:)

  2. Love the Tulips.. Our Favorites. God Bless.

  3. Beautiful flowers and adorable children!

  4. great pics! your littlest snuggle bug is perfectly huggable! gianna has a beautiful smile.

  5. Seeing you snuggle your littlest reminds me of all those moments when I "had" to go put the baby down when really I loved the cuddly getaway! Precious!

  6. This post was like a breath of fresh air. Thanks!

  7. I saw your link at "Like Mother.." What sweet photos! Your children are adorable. :-)


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