Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just Write

The hum of the dryer soothes the noises that swirl around me. There almost always seems to be the noise of the washer or dryer in the background these days. I add a silent prayer that they don't give out any time soon. They should be good for another 100,00 washes.

The sweet babe lies on the floor on her playmat quietly cooing. Her kicking and swatting have become regular movements now as she watches the jungle themed animals shake above her. I steal a peek to watch her amazement and I smile. She watches the world around her in awe and I watch her, watching, in my own awe.

She sucks her hand and her rapid eye movements catch everything around her. I think about the me I was a year ago looking at another sweet babe lying on the floor. I watched her with a different intensity, unsure whether she would be our last. The last baby to grace my belly. I still chuckle and yet feel the fear that I felt the day I held that positive pregnancy test last year.

The utter amazement that we should be blessed again so soon. Sometimes I forget that feeling while I'm changing yet another diaper and feeling the daily demands. I remind myself not to forget. Don't forget the secondary infertility. Don't forget the heartache. Don't forget the miracle. Don't forget the surprise. Don't forget to be thankful.

The baby yawns. The toddler naps. I hear the big kids upstairs playing and I hear their bare feet scamper to and fro from bedroom to bedroom. There will be messes to clean up later and toys everywhere they don't belong. I'm taking a deep breath and decide to savor the moment.

The dryer stops and buzzes. It's time to get back to work. Motherhood waits for no one.

Just Write is an exercise in free writing your extraordinary and ordinary moments. Find more Just Write moments at the EO.


  1. Big hugs. Glad you are savoring the moments :)

  2. Ditto to that previous comment :)

  3. Very beautiful thoughts!! My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I was so scared I would never have my own baby. I do now, and I treasure him every single day. When the mundane frustrations of parenthood start to overwhelm me, I think of the child I lost and how blessed I am and how dear my little Jimmy is. It's so great to hear a similar perspective on parenting. <3

    (I came to your site through the Just Write link up... Your children are beautiful!)


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