Sunday, April 8, 2012

Celebrating Easter With Children

We knew that this Holy Week and Triduum would once again be different for our family. Due to the current season our family is in, we knew that partaking of all of the beautiful Masses offered weren't options for us. Holy Thursday Masses in our area were late enough that we knew we would not all be able to attend. Bedtime with the little girls and one adult is currently pretty sketchy, so we opted to celebrate at home as a family.

Reed was home early from work, so we ventured out on a family walk into town and to our church. We took some time to pray and read a couple of the readings for Mass on Holy Thursday. Afterward, on our way home we stopped at the little playground in town. There's nothing like some family time exercising, praying and having fun doing it!

After our simple soup and bread supper that evening, we sang a couple of songs, read the gospel reading and then Reed and I washed our children's feet. Well, the three oldest any way. They all seemed to enjoy it as we talked about all of the symbolism and meaning of the readings, Jesus washing the disciples' feet, the agony in the garden and the Last Supper.

Good Friday service was in the early afternoon, so that was at a time that we could actually attend as a family. We squished our new seemingly 'large' family into a pew as the rest of church was pretty packed. Gianna even took a nap during a good portion of the service and as usual, Greta was good as gold.

The weather was not ideal on Friday, but we still took some time to get out for some good walking.

Holy Saturday morning started fairly bleak and windy. Some scattered little rain showers threatened to dampen the family Easter egg hunt that has become tradition. Thankfully, although it was cold and still pretty windy, it brightened up and we could still hold the hunt outside.

The little hunters (minus one who wasn't in the mood for a photo)

Aren't they cute? With my four cuties are a few of our GREAT-nieces and GREAT-nephew. Yes, we are WAY too young to have little GREAT's already. However, it makes for added fun for my kids who are at the bottom of the grandchildren food chain in hubby's family.

A hunting we will go

She seemed to enjoy it

And she slept through it

Easter morning we were up bright and early, as always, for our regular Mass time. The big kids scouted out their baskets and helped the little girls find theirs as well. We pulled on our Easter best and headed to Mass to celebrate with 'Alleluias'.

After Mass, Greta awoke just in time for a quick photo. Not perfect, but these days we just aim for everyone at least looking in the general vicinity of the camera. Mission accomplished.

The highlight of the big kids' Easter baskets turned out to be the Croc flip flops (on sale last week at Target) and the Angry Birds mini kites (thank you, Walgreens). The kites have been a thrill for the kids and while I type this post quickly this evening, dear hubby is unraveling miles of kite string knots.

I think we successfully celebrated Easter and the triduum to the best of our family's ability this year. Hopefully we made it rich in symbolism, memories, faith and family for all of us. We celebrated along with the universal Catholic Church in our own little domestic church.

Happy Easter season!


  1. OH, all your pictures are wonderful! What a special triduum and Easter, you did a great job celebrating!

    Your kiddos are soooo cuuuuute!!

    Baby Greta is chubbing up, it's adorable, that dress, just beautiful!

    Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family, Sarah!!

    I completely forgot just HOW difficult it is to have a newborn and a holiday at the same time :) But we did what we could. That is the key.

    You did things beautifully for Easter. Way to go!

    You have such cute kiddos...and that little Greta...I just want to kiss her all up!

  3. Blessed Easter to you and your beautiful fanily!

  4. The kids look adorable. I love Lily's haircut. Happy Easter (season)!

  5. Don't worry, we "did the Triduum" at home for years. Maybe we would try the afternoon Good Friday service, but that's it. This year I took the three olders Thursday, dh took them Friday, and we braved it with all 5 for their first ever Easter vigil. It was a bit taxing, but so wonderful to be back in the pew.

    I have to say, they did miss washing feet at home!


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