Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gianna's Name Day

Today we celebrated Gianna's Name Day. Over the past few years we've made more of an effort to remember each of the kids' name days, the feast day of their patron saint. While it's not always something over the top or monumental, we try to make it special in some way. We make the child feel special and remind them of the qualities that make their saint significant.

Of course, Gianna is a little young to understand her name day. When she's older, we'll share with her why St. Gianna is so near and dear to us and is the perfect patron for her. What Gianna does understand is that today we had cake and that was enough reason for her to celebrate.

It also means that she is pretty much 'Queen for the Day' and enables her to get a horseback ride on her brother's back. She squealed with delight and didn't want to get off (although it's hard to see that in this photo). The perfect ending to her day.

I am certain that our little Gianna is already reaping the rewards of being watched over by her namesake. I know I certainly call on her for help as a mother and protector of my children. And when Gianna's busy toddler days wipe me out, I bring out the big guns and I ask St. Gianna for the extra help. She's easily become my favorite saint to which I owe so very much, that's for sure.

You can read more about St. Gianna by clicking here.

St. Gianna, Pray For Us!


  1. That is a beautiful tradition! (And cake is a great way to celebrate).

  2. I love St Gianna, and love that you want to teach your little one about "her" saint!

  3. You are so good to celebrate their feast days. I can never remember when my kid's feast days are (or even their Baptism days). I need to get better at that, because it is such a wonderful tradition!

    1. I can't remember them either, Colleen. I've now made a habit of writing them on the calendar with big writing to be sure they aren't missed :)


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