Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Thankful Little Boy

While I was in the shower the other day, little boy decided to come and sit in the bathroom "to keep me company". Funny little guy.

It was there that he apparently was doing some thinking and became a little thankful...and suddenly mastered math.

Jonah: Mommy, I really like the way the builders made our house.

Mommy: Oh really? I'm glad you like it.

Jonah: They really did a good job. It's beautiful. I like this bathroom.

Mommy: You like the bathroom?

Jonah: Yup. And my bedroom and your room and the office and the kitchen and the laundry room and the living room. I like all the rooms. We have a big house!

Mommy: You're right. We sure do. God blessed us a lot in order to build this big house for our family to live in. Now we just have to keep praying for God to bless us again with more children to fill this big house. Do you think we should have more children in our house?

Jonah: Yes. Maybe some.

Mommy: Like how many? Would you like more brothers or sisters?

Jonah: One brother and one sister.

Mommy: Just one more of each, huh?

Jonah: Yup. Because then there will be 2 kids and 2 more kids and that will be 4!

Oh really? And all this from my 'spirited child'! That's a lot all in one sitting. Verbalizing being thankful, discussing family size, correct math....all without one bit of shouting!

Trust me, when this momentous little chat had been finished I made a little mommy note of it. I don't always get spontaneous little conversations like this with my spirited little guy.

I was also pretty proud to hear him being thankful for our house that we are blessed to live in. I decided not to remind him that "the builders" of this house were mommy and daddy and family members that pitched in. One day he'll appreciate that fact as much as I secretly do.

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