Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yesterday, the calm before the storm:

Today, just minutes ago:

And here's what my dear boy is wearing today:

That's right...SHORTS!! I just bought these yesterday and we were trying them on this morning to be sure they'd fit for this summer and he insisted on wearing them for awhile today. And I let him. Oh well, if it's going to snow outside we might as well pretend that it's gorgeous inside! (By the way, these cute shorts are only $4 on sale this week at Target!!)

Enjoy the weather wherever you are today! If the sun is out and it's over 40 degrees, bask in it twice as long for me today!!


  1. I love Target! :) I feel for you... we have been over 80 in Houston this week, and I have the AC on. It's weird that in the same country, our weather can be so drastically different.

  2. Oh and I forgot to say... yes, that was me filming/talking in the video. :) I think it is funny how we can know each other so well via writing and our "writer's voice" but hearing that personal ACTUAL voice may sound different than we imagine! I have felt the same way on my longtime blog-friend Megan's blog... I was so excited the first time I heard her voice with her delicate Southern accent. :) Okay, now it's your turn! :)


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