Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patrick & St. Joseph Feast Days

Next week, we celebrate the feast of St. Patrick on Tuesday and St. Joseph on Thursday. Although I don't think we have a speck of Irish in us, we'll celebrate with them any way and honor St. Patrick. I don't have much planned, but I am preparing things this weekend so that I am all ready.

For St. Patrick, I think we'll be doing this coloring page and we'll do Jamie's shamrocks as well for our painting project. As we're talking about the Trinity with our shamrock project, I may even have a reproducible with the Trinity on it that the kids can paste on their shamrocks. I'm not sure yet what will be on our menu that day, but I think all things green in color will be what we're aiming for in our house! I'm hoping maybe we'll even bake some shamrock cookies too.

As always, Jessica over at Shower of Roses has some more great ideas to celebrate St. Patrick's day, so check those out too!

For St. Joseph's Feast day, we'll keep it relatively simple, but we'll be doing a coloring page from here that I think we may even add a frame or something to and give to daddy as a gift.

I am trying to make it a tradition in our home that we somehow honor my husband on St. Joseph's feast, since he is the patron of husbands and fathers. Last year we made a special dinner and the kids made a card for daddy. I think I'll have the kids come up with something special they can make for him again and a special dinner will once again take place.

I also found this 3D St. Joseph Altar that you can make at home, along with this Virtual St. Joseph Altar where you can make a prayer offering and add your intentions to their prayer list.

Blessings in your preparations!

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