Friday, March 6, 2009

Quick Take Friday

I'm sorry, but today I do not have my usual '7 Quick Takes' for you. Not that I couldn't come up with 7 things to share, but I've spent most of the week revisited by cold-like symptoms. I'm feeling better this morning, but I'm still reviving my feeble mommy brain into working at full capacity. Today my goal will be to fulfill my regular mommy duties and perhaps pick up where I left off on a little sewing project (I promise pictures when it's finished). I'll be back next Friday with some great Quick Takes and other posts in between I'm sure! Blessings until then.

If you'd like to read some Quick Takes today, visit Jen here. She just had a baby girl this week and has a lot to share!

1 comment:

  1. May God continue to bless your wonderful family! Your struggles are in stark contrast to those Moms who rid their babies! God love you!

    My mission today:

    PLEASE join with other Catholic Pro Life Bloggers by continually posting at every about Mr. Obama's UNACCEPTABLE stand on the destruction of innocent life - I propose we band together and make a peaceful but continual protest in defense of LIFE! Keep it going! God Bless you and Our Lady of Guadaloupe, Ora Pro Nobis!


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