Monday, March 30, 2009

Is It Good Bye, Old Friend?

I am possibly nearing the end of my long time relationship with my devoted Canon Power Shot digital camera. It's led a good life, but I fear it may be in its last days.

It's been a faithful little guy (or gal), but the last few months it's had times when the viewing screen has been less than full power and 'jumpy'. I either recharge the batteries or keep switching it off and on until the screen is once again clear. Yesterday though, the screen was hardly viewable and I took the pictures any way. (I thought I was dealing with the same problem as my sister in law who has the same camera and her screen went to pot awhile ago, but she can still take pictures with it) Not so. I took the pictures and then when I downloaded them found that they still appeared blurry, faded and in no way revealed at all the subject of which I had taken the photo.

As I type, I am recharging the batteries and hoping it is just some fluke bug in the camera that will suddenly straighten up with the charged batteries. I know, probably a bit hopeful. We'll see.

This camera has been a faithful friend for three years and although I secretly wouldn't mind a new one, it's the process of doing the shopping and research that gets overwhelming. Of course, the cost is a factor as well, but I also know I CANNOT live without a digital camera. I use it A LOT, not only for my photos, but my videos too!

I'm just wondering, what kind of camera do you use? Any recommendations for an easy to use, inexpensive digital camera? I'd love to hear from you, leave me a comment.

In the meantime, I'll be hoping that mine somehow revives and stays strong for a little bit longer.


  1. If you think that the battery just won't keep its charge to focus etc.. You can usually pick up a knock off battery from China on ebay for $5-$10. That is, if you need a cheep option for the time. We have an extra battery for our DSLR Nikon camera and I have no complaints. Of course we don't use it much cause its just a back up.

    I don't know what the best point and shoot is but my husband uses Steve's Digicam website as a tool.

  2. We just purchased a Nikon Coolpix P80 and I have been very happy thus far. We bought it on sale at Costco during the holidays. I bought it with the idea that I am going to begin taking the kids’ milestone pictures at home instead of photography studios. Our little guy's 6 month pictures turned out great. Our daughter's 3 year pictures were a different story. But that has more to do with the personality I was shooting:) I am not great with technology, and I have found this camera to be easy for me.

    My very first camera was a Canon Powershot. I loved it because it lasted almost 5 years!! Happy camera shopping:)


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