Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Honor of the Husband and Father In Our Home

Today is the feast of St. Joseph. What would the Holy Family be without him? Wouldn't we all miss him if he weren't in the picture? What a wonderful role model he is for all husbands and fathers!

This is another day that I like to try and do something special to honor my husband, Reed. I also try and get the kids involved and have them create something to thank daddy for all that he does for our little household.

If I even began trying to put into words how much I appreciate and love that man, it would be a daunting task. It can only be summed up in these words: He is what I dreamed of, hoped for, asked for and prayed for in a husband and in a father. I am truly blessed. I am truly fortunate to have had my life blessed twice with wonderful role-models who honor St. Joseph, my own father and my husband. It doesn't get much better than that!

St. Joseph, pray for us!


  1. I didn't even think to do anything special for Adam today... next year, for sure! What a lovely post. You are so blessed!!!

  2. Oh, that was beautiful!!!

    Thank you so much for posting prayers for me, they are keeping me up and will see us through!!

    God Bless you!

  3. Thank you for the compliments on Isabella and Lilianna's photos. I am telling you, if you were here, you WOULD NOT be paying anything! :) I am still holding out hope that one day, you will come to Houston... or maybe to San Antonio for Sea World or visit Austion or something, and we can finally meet. I would bring the camera... all I need is thrity minutes, good light, and a natural park and we'd have it made!


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