Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Out Like A Lion..

Winter reared its ugly head here today and it's determined to go out like a lion. Late-winter snow filled my yard with about 7 inches of snow again. It's hard to believe that I was raking yesterday! This is Minnesota though and we always expect at least one late snow after the dear birds who foolishly returned here from down south too early, are startled back into winter. Poor robins.

One nice thing about this snow is that it is the nice, sticky, heavy stuff. Not great for shoveling, but excellent for snowmen and snow forts. Guess how we spent a portion of our day today? Due to the road conditions, daddy even came home early and we frolicked in the white stuff as a family!

What an ideal, precious, family afternoon. Only one thing could have made that family fun even better...a camera! There were so many great photos I could have gotten today.

So, guess how I spent my afternoon? Online shopping and researching cameras!

Oh well. Tomorrow is the beginning of April and I pray that winter will finally be done and my grass will be green again soon!

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  1. I miss snow! I am sure that if I were in Minnesota, I would grow tired of the bad road conditions and being stuck inside... but being in Houston makes snow seem so exotic to me now! :) Enjoy the 9last?) big snow! Love the new spring photo on your header!


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