Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ready For A New Day

A sore throat. A restless night, half of which was spent on the couch. Returned 'cold' symptoms. Mommy duties to keep on track today. A major meltdown from a 3 year old boy at nap time.

It's been THAT kind of day.

On the brighter side, I've had my Berry Crumble candle burning all day and filling my home with sweetness (and lifting my feelings of sickness). This morning I let the kids take everything and anything from the kitchen and living room and into the guest room to play in their own 'house'. I was pretty sure the battle would begin when I wanted it all cleaned up again. Much to my surprise, after only being asked once to start cleaning it all up, Miss Lily began the daunting task and successfully cleaned it all up. INCLUDING other cleaning up in her room and other toys that were scattered about! Bless her! And currently I have a little boy picking up his Lincoln Logs in order to be able to put a bean in the jar. The 'Sacrifice & Good Deeds' Lenten bean jar that is.

Maybe things weren't really so bad today.

And I still have hubby's arrival home shortly to look forward to and The Biggest Loser tonight!

Tomorrow is a new day Friends. Thankfully.


  1. get well soon. I have a cold too.. I'll take your idea of the candle. I'm alone here and it may help feeling "home". :)
    Your kids are great!! Keep up the good job!

  2. ahhh, I hope you are feeling better soon, when mama's sick, everything is multiplied!!

    Glad the day ended pretty good though!

    HOpe you get sleep tonight!

    Yes, let's get together sometime!


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