Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Fever = Sewing Project

I'll admit it, I am SICK OF WINTER! I am not, nor have I ever been, a fan of the winter season. I do like the change of seasons and the newness they all bring, but winter for me could be maybe a month in length and I'd be fine. Once March comes, it definitely needs to be done and most often here, it still has a few more bursts of snow and cold left to give us. I usually find some little project to help me through it though, sometimes painting and sometimes a little sewing.

I took on a sewing project last week and finally sat down to complete it yesterday. Don't get me wrong, not that I'm a seasoned seamstress to any degree, but I do enjoy the simple projects that I can accomplish with ease. Although I went to the fabric store last week while I wasn't feeling the best, I was somehow invigorated by all of the colors and patterns. As always, my quick stop for a little bit of fabric easily lasted an hour! The choices, the colors, the patterns!! Each with it's own options to create something wonderful.

Being that I was encountering the 'winter blahs', I ended up choosing vibrant patterns and colors that were a far cry from my original intentions upon setting out for the store. In the end, I chose shades of blue/aqua/turquoise to make a valance, pillow and seat cushions for my loft/sitting area upstairs.

I love the finished product and it's nice to see the beautiful color liven up that space. I always enjoy a finished project and the contentment it gives me.

Only now, I'm thinking I need to paint that wall the tan/brown color of it's opposite wall to really make it all come together...maybe I'm not finished after all.


  1. Beautiful job, I love it!! You really did a nice job. I could never do that good!

    Pretty fabric!


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