Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, New Word

 Maybe you recall my post last year declaring my word for the year?

I'll remind you, just in case. My word was TRANQUILITY.

There I was on the brink of a new year with the impending birth of my little Irish twin, filled with anxiety. How would I manage? How would things get done? Would I survive?

Tranquility didn't come easy and the challenge to strive for it became nearly impossible some days. It did, however, prove to be the word I needed as a reminder in 2012. God did bless us and every day supplied the steady drip of grace I required to thrive.

My plaque reminder sat on the windowsill above the kitchen sink the entire year. Some days, the word was lost and forgotten. Other days, at the forefront of my mind and in my heart. You see, there were plenty of times my mind or my spirit were agitated. Many others, both of them were quite agitated. I did learn a lot though this year and grew in humility as my human perfection was tested.

As the year came to a close, new words for the new year floated in and out. Being a perfectionist, I was eager to lay my eyes upon the right word, the perfect word. As tranquility strengthened me last year and helped me grow, I prayed that a new word would be one to reflect and draw upon.

There are so many words that can help us, aren't there? So many virtues on which to grow, so many inspirations on which to draw upon.

I had my 'final three' list of choices and then asked my husband if any of them jumped out at him for areas that could be a focus for me this year. He came up with similar answers that I had and they left me feeling a bit unsure. They just didn't 'grab' me like tranquility had.

I read all of your nice words that many of you had chosen for 2013 and felt inspired, so I kept praying that something would jump out at me.

I read Cari's word and then turned for heavenly guidance once again to lead me in a new direction.

I later opened up my Google reader and as I scanned the post list a word jumped off the screen.


 the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development 
 of someone or something

As I stared at the word it became evident that this word actually encompassed the other words I had pondered in the days prior. 

You see, some things were put on the back burner during the past year as my needs at home required me to be present here more. There were some friendships and relationships that didn't get tended to quite as often. Some of my spiritual needs weren't always met or cultivated, my domestic heart was lacking many days as we strove just to survive and sometimes kindness, cheerfulness, patience and the like were lost between the cracks.

I want to spend this year nurturing the things that were left behind in 2012.

Nurture my family.

Nurture me and my motherhood.

Nurture relationships/friendships.

Nurture my prayer life and spiritual needs.

Nurture hobbies.

Nurture my domestic church, my home.

I'd say 2013 will be filled with many opportunities to foster and nurture so many areas of my life.

It will surely lead to hardships, milestones and adventures that will help me to nurture more fruitfully.

No doubt it should be an interesting year of catching up.

I look forward to it.


  1. Perfect, Sarah...perfect. : ) from a fellow perfectionist!

  2. I already picture you as the perfect nurturer - but I know we are hardest on ourselves. I hope you can feel completely fulfilled in your role in 2013!!

  3. Love this! Can't wait to see how this evolves for you!

  4. I love this. I think I know my word, but after reading your word, maybe I need to pray for my word...I didn't even pray about it, I just knew it.

    I think your word will be easier, I think you are a natural nurturer actually.
    I'm a perfectionist though, so I get it...we see differently than you think of yourself.

    thanks for being so inspiring--God bless you...

  5. OH!!!!! Now THAT is a good one!


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