Friday, April 19, 2013

The Forever Winter

When you awake to this on April 18th, you kind of decide that spring really and truly isn't coming this year.

Since I've been praying for no more snow since about the beginning of the new year, it's starting to really feel like a prison sentence. 

I mean, for real. Enough is enough you old winter. I need all FOUR of my seasons and I fear that we'll skip spring all together if this keeps up. Don't make me step up my game and for really and for true and contemplate some type of move. Or move back into hibernation. - Let's bond over the periodic inconvenience of atmospheric precipitation

Oh, and Winter, my son's birthday on April 21st is generally in spring. We're celebrating tomorrow with a pinata and apparently we'll enjoy that in the heated garage as the high temperature is only supposed to be 37 degrees outside.

Really, it's not me, it's YOU. We already were on rough terms in our relationship, but this year you really ruined it and you just made your #1 enemy. - This Earth Day, sell all your winter gear

I have never, ever looked so forward to Earth Day when I will celebrate by pretending my grass is green brown instead of white. We will wear short sleeved shirts, even if it is only 30-something degrees.

I will paint my toenails and wear my flip flops.

I will pretend I'm out in the backyard with Patty sipping wine.

I'll keep dreaming in pastels of spring and bright vivid tulips while I await your demise, 
Old Man Winter. 

Spring will arrive, one day.

I just hope it's very soon.

**Edit: I wrote this post yesterday. There is even more snow out my window today, but I won't even bother you with the photos. It's a spring winter wonderland out there. I think I'll go close the curtains now and pretend my entire yard isn't covered in a foot of whiteness. Ignorance is bliss, you know.


  1. Agreed! We're stuck in the house until we snowblow our way out sometime later this morning. My kids aren't even excited about playing in the snow. I kind of had to force them out yesterday. They had a good time when they got out, but....enough already!

    Happy snow day...hopefully it will be the last of the season!

  2. Spring has finally found us! Hope it finds its way to your neighborhood soon!!

  3. Want to come over for snow playin' (for the kids), hot cocoa and peanut butter cookies?

  4. I agree Sarah....
    It started snowing Thursday afternoon, and by this morning we had OVER 20 inches!! Normally its my husband who grumbles and snarls at winter - this year I'm joining him!!
    He didn't even attempt to go to work today, but spent the entire day trying to clear us out. His truck was snowed in, with 3+ foot drifts... so he dug out the old snowblower.

    Now I'm hoping we get a Spring this year... and not just plunge right into Summer.

    And Happy Birthday to Jonah!! Hoping he has a great day.

  5. I just told Jamie Jo....your area is like a snow globe and God keeps shaking the heck out of it!!


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