Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vocations Camp: Year Five

 Clickety Click Wednesday!

It's that time of the summer again. We just finished up our Fifth Annual Vocations Camp yesterday afternoon. While these normally in the past have been two days of crazy, busy cooking frenzy for us, due to the small number this year (only 5 young men) it was cut down to one day. Even so, it still was a day and overnight of fun activity and spending time visiting with a few of our diocese's seminarians as well as the new-ish (just starting his second year) Vocations Director, Fr. Scott.

Feel like reminiscing or seeing where it all began? Here's the links to past years:

Year One: 2009

Year Two: 2010

Year Three: 2011

Year Four: 2012 (The Bus Tour!)

As always, Mass is celebrated each day. 

There's cooking to be done and plenty of help needed and provided by many.

This year's theme follows the new era of Pope Francis and was 
'Go, Rebuild My Church'. 

I think Pope Francis would be honored.

Seminarians, Fr. Scott, our parish priest Fr. Michael and the campers.

Another good camp and another highlight of our summer, as always.

Summer keeps on rolling by....


  1. Praise be to God for these camps each year! And you are always so generous sharing your time and talent that God blessed you with. And isn't that what we are suppose to do? This vocation camp calls so many. And then there are those who pray and offer up for these young campers, nicely tying us all together in His, one church! God bless you, Sarah, as you continue to help this ministry each year :)

  2. Ditto on what Patty said, Sarah...And what a wonderful gift you are giving to your children as well! : )

  3. I wonder if the numbers were down because of the Mead's vocation camp they have? Do you know them? They had a lot of boys. Still, a wonderful time. If the numbers are down, then it is as God wills and for reason.

    We all love Fr Scott!! He's a wonderful priest. He loves kids too, he's great at what he does!

    God bless you for all you do and sacrifice for this wonderful camp!


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