Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Is For...


"Bappa" and "Mayma"


Fun in the Sun

And in the Shade

Waiting for candy

At the hometown parade

How's your summer going? I'm finding that mine is rapidly fleeting and losing ground on any type of productivity. There are toddlers to run after and much needed naps not to skip; gardens to weed and beans to be picked; lunch to be made and supper to be thrown together; day camps to get to and Vocations Camp to prepare for no matter the weather; big kids to keep on task lest they fritter the summer away and somehow just maintaining life each and every day.

Enjoy these days now, my mind tells me. Tomorrow is for tomorrow and everything will have to be. 

One cold day in winter I'll wish I'd savored these days more, so for today I will and head out the door.

School planning will get done in August for sure.


  1. Beautiful, Sarah...I love your summer days and reminder to savor them. I was just thing about this yesterday, as my normally neat as a pin home was in disarray and I was tempted to straighten was beautiful outside, my kids were running through sprinklers and I ran outside to join them. I shut the door behind me, knowing that long winter days lay ahead where I can clean to my hearts content!

    Enjoy your beautiful family, friend! : )

    Oh and thanks for your comments yesterday!

  2. It sure is going fast, isn't it? And then on top of that, they are growing so quickly! Those fun kiddy times won't be had once they reach a certain age :(

  3. Loved this! Sounds like summer is in full swing around your house!

  4. You're a poet and you know it!

  5. Great post. It IS passing MUCH too quickly. I feel the same as you about the naps that need to be had and everything else you said (except camps). Thinking of you from over here.


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