Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Can She Build It? Yes She Can!

A couple week ago I found this great deal on some patio chairs at Target. On sale they were $16 and that seemed like a good deal since they sat comfy, stacked, were durable and I'd been on the hunt for some new chairs. I bought six of them, three khaki and three aqua. I'm so stylish and fashionable like that. Or, I just didn't want to commit to one of the colors and Lily agreed that mixing it up would look really cool too.

My new quest came for a reasonably priced (read $100 or less) patio table to sit our whole family. It seemed that a oblong/rectangle one would be the way to go.

To my delight apparently some stores consider the end of June to be the approach of the end of the summer season, so a lot of tables were already marked down. I had several options to choose from at a couple different local stores.

In the end, I scored a $125 table for $70. Not bad.

Well, when I see an unopened box and it's early in the week and clearly hubby won't have time to tackle said item in the box until the weekend, I get a little idea.

Heck, let's just open it up and see what I can mess up do to get this thing put together.

And that's exactly what I did.

Don't let a few pieces, some screws, hex bolts, nuts and bolt covers scare ya.

You can do this.

(It helps if at least one little girl is napping and the other is content to play around in the garage)

Get your big, strong kids to give you a hand to get it over to the deck on the complete opposite side of the house....

Shazam! Project complete!

Total project time from taking out of the box to placing it on our deck:

43 minutes 

That just may be my personal best project time EVER.

*Insert pat on the back here*

Even better, I just crossed something off my husband's to do list, so his weekend just opened up. 

Stop on over for a glass of lemonade, won't you?


  1. Looks great! You go, momma! I hate doing projects like that which is precisely why I should do them...good sacrifice! And yes I'll be over soon. I like my lemonade like I like my men...tall and sweet :)

  2. Nice job! You will love the chairs...they are so comfy and I love sitting in them!

  3. Yay for Sarah!!! I've done that before, thought, fine, I will do it myself. Like the little red hen. Feels good, doesn't it?

    Love the patio furniture! Funny thing is Katherine wants that exact chair for her birthday (we are redoing her room) and I've been googling all morning Home Depot, Target, Walmart...and have not found it at all. Decide to check a few bloggies and viola!! You have it pictured! That's the green color we are looking for!


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