Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adding It All Up

20 teen boys + 4 seminarians + 1 amazing priest = A really great Vocations Camp

If the cooks are tired after meal planning and prep for two days, I think there was even a hint of exhaustion from the campers yesterday as well.

Fit all of this into two days and I would be too:

- Swimming, football, Frisbee, capture the flag, water balloon fight

- Daily Mass, rosary, morning & evening prayer, an evening of praise & worship, adoration, confession, quiet prayer

- Food!

- Daily talks and testimonials from the seminarians and Fr. G, including the lives of the Saints

- Mandatory rest/quiet times

- Camping overnight (including one late night due to seeking shelter during a potentially dangerous storm)

I'm guessing we all slept pretty good last night and some of those boys are maybe dragging a little today, but it's worth it.

**Lest you think our efforts were heroic in nature, I must admit that I had my parents here to help with the kids and the camp where needed. We also had help from others as well and it made the task so much more manageable. Not to mention, we had breakfast help from two of the seminarians each morning too.


  1. sounds like a wonderful time Sarah!! Father Greg is wonderful.

    I recognize some of those boys from our homeschool group!

  2. I figured you would Jamie! :) We had a really great group of boys and a lot of homeschoolers this year.

  3. This brings tears of joy to my eyes, Sarah!!! All these amazing men (and soon to be men) learning about and yearning for Our Lord!!! Praise God!

  4. Sarah, what are the ages allowed?

  5. Jamie- it's open to boys entering 7-12 grade.


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