Friday, July 30, 2010

Vocations Camp Rewind

It's back to normal in our house today. And let me say, after a whirlwind couple of days, I'm glad it's Friday and looking forward to the weekend. Yes, the camp was wonderful and went really well, but it can be draining. And all we do is the cooking! Still, the camp has a way of blessing more than just the campers. After just two years of doing this, I must admit that we've really come to look forward to it as part of our summer.

The campers have gone back home, so I thought I'd share a brief glimpse of what Vocations Camp looks like around these parts.

Of course, there is Faith and Prayer

Plenty of time for Fun

And Food!!

(Cake was courtesy of a very talented lady from church. Quite Creative!!)

Obviously, a lot of time is spent contemplating this

By the end, we're all very tired

Some of us more than others

When all is said and done,

13 campers + 5 seminarians + 1 priest/Vocations Director =

A very successful Vocations Camp


  1. This is probably one of the more amazing things I've heard about in quite some time; what a fabulous idea! And I love that you get to be involved...what a cool witness for both of your kiddos! Love the pic of Jonah. I feel his pain. :) Hehehe...

  2. This is so amazing! What a great idea and thing to get your family involved in. In fact, after reading it I was thinking of looking into some sort of Catholic Family camp. I hope and pray to have sons to send to this type of camp some day! How many years has this been running? It would be so interesting to learn more about the young men who have attended down the road. I am sure the fruits are seen in whatever vocation they are called to.

  3. Fr. Greg is absolutely amazing!! I so wish we had him as a vocations director when Joseph was that age.

  4. I agree, this is a wonderful camp and I'm so glad to have our family a part of it.
    It is a rare camp and from what I've heard, there is no other diocese known to offer and support camps such as these. They were pretty much the idea of the current Vocations Director here and there has definitely been an increase in vocations since he has taken this position.
    I think the camps have been ran for 4-5 years for sure and just 2 years here. I know that there are currently a couple of our seminarians who did indeed attend some of the original camps in the first years.
    It is a very wonderful thing since Fr. G talks to them about all vocations, but also encourages and teaches them to be upright men of God and staying close to their Catholic faith. Very awesome!

  5. This is so cool! What a blessing all around! And so cool your kids - your whole family - are able to be around and be a part of it! Such a great witness to them! What a beautiful setting for it! And that's where you live? Oh, how cool!


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