Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rollin' Through

It's been a different kind of week here at the homestead. It all started out with Jonah out of commission and sick over the weekend. Slowly, by Monday afternoon he was better for the most part. He is still having off and on bouts, but is pretty much his usual self. With Jonah getting better, it was Gianna's turn to get hit with the nastiness and is still on the mend. She is up and around for the most part and seems to be eating normally, but still not feeling well. We are rarely hit with sickness at our house, so it is tough to see my little ones down and feeling so rotten.

If you could send a prayer or two for continued recovery and that the rest of us are spared, that sure would be appreciated.

In the midst of the sickness, we hosted part of Vocations Camp again. It's always a highlight to our summer, so when we weren't all together and feeling well, I was bummed. We made the best of it and with my parents' help with the little girls, we were able to do our best at hosting/cooking again.

This year, the camp wasn't held at several locations for three days at a time as in the past. Instead, it was a bus pilgrimage tour stopping at parishes throughout the diocese where the young men toured churches, prayed, were given tours or heard talks.

We were blessed to be a part of the tour with the bus rolling in Tuesday evening and staying overnight at the resort just down the road from us. The Knights of Columbus prepared supper that evening for 44 boys, 2 priests, 5 seminarians and a group of us that were there to volunteer and help out.

I didn't get many photos this time around since I was running around taking care of things and also tending to Gianna in the mean time. I did get one of our favorite priest and friend, Fr. Greg, along with our favorite seminarian, Joseph. Both hold a special place in my heart for many reasons. As I've shared before, I worked with Fr. Greg doing youth ministry in his parishes when I was single. As for Joseph, he happened to be one of the youth in those parishes at the time. A young, junior high boy back then, but has long since remained one of my favorites. My big kids are very fond of these two men as well.

The pilgrimage was filled with lots of fun, but lots of faith too. Mass was held late Tuesday evening at our church and our new priest, Fr. Michael, concelebrated along with Fr. Scott, the new diocesan Vocations Director. It's so wonderful to be blessed with young and faithful priests that are rising up within our diocese. Such inspiring men for the young men on pilgrimage to look up to!

After a night out camping, the bus brought the boys back to the church for breakfast. We served up an abundance of eggs, sausage and pancakes to which the boys feasted. We couldn't have done it without some amazing helpers that were willing to wake up early and lend a hand.

While the camp had a different style, many more boys on it than we're accustomed to and a bit of a whirlwind considering all that was going on at home, we were once again honored to be a part of it.

Truly, a highlight to our summer and it always brings fond memories for us and for our children as they see the beauty of the priesthood and sacredness of each vocation.


  1. Prayers for continued healing at your homestead, for sure!

    Sarah, I know how you feel about those wonderful men and fond memories. So glad that you make the time to help in this very worthy way, even when 'life' gets in the way.

    My oldest son was in the seminary for two years, and he always brought other seminarians home with him on break. Anywhere from 5 to 11 additional young men came here every single break they had. We have a very small house... almost 1200 sq ft!
    We still laugh at how they'd line up to use our one and only restroom, how they were so crowded around the table that if one needed to get up, the whole lot of 'em had to shift out to let the one out!
    We have a special place in our hearts for each and every one of them. Most left the seminary, have settled in their married vocation and started beautiful families of their own. A few followed through to the priesthood. We attended their ordinations, even traveling to another state for one to celebrate and rejoice with him!
    Anyway, yes, these wonderful young men certainly make an impression on our hearts, don't they?
    We've had conversations with these men, and rest assured, they remember you and all your hard work, and they thank God for your selflessness.
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. That's so beautiful, Lori,that your family could share your home with those seminarians. I bet they so enjoyed a little taste of home when they were most likely far from their own.

    My brother was in the seminary for 4 1/2 years and remember countless times he brought other seminarians home. How we enjoyed those days! We also spent a lot of weekends visiting my brother in the seminary and joining them for prayer and mass. Such fond memories, even years after and he's married with three boys of his own :)

    I think that must be where I acquired my fondess of seminarians, praying for them and remembering them in a special way. I hope to keep sharing that with our children and helping them learn more about all of the vocations God has for us.

  3. What two beautiful stories here, yours, Sarah, and Lori's. It does a heart good to read stories as these in such troubling times. God bless you all for your hard work witnessing your faith!

    And prayers for health. The sick bug is no fun especially in the summertime. We had something the first two weeks of July. 4 out of 5 kiddos had it. I thought for sure that I would get it since I was in the line of fire with Clementine's raspberry blowing. :)

    Hang in there!


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