Friday, July 12, 2013

From The Toddler Files

Ever eat your own words? Or ask, "Where in the WORLD did she hear that from?" and then realize it came from your mouth?

You must have a toddler (or two) in your home.

They have a way of picking up on our least favorite phrases that spew out of our mouth without a thought. Sometimes the words they declare are pure genius and other times they are the utterance of our ignorance to the small ears that hear around every corner.

The are wise beyond their toddler years.

They are the tugging at our conscience and the reminder that our adult annoyance sometimes floweth forth from our mouth. Shame on me us, but yet sometimes it is really rather cute. 

And worth a blog post.

While hoarding her toys from her younger sister:

"Go play with Lily. She's fun."

(We've often used this tactic on Gianna to get her sidetracked while we're in the midst of something and trying to get it done without her underfoot.)

Washing her hands in the bathroom sink and I ask her to leave so I can use the bathroom:

"Don't blug (bug) me. I busy washing my hands."

After the parade, while laying in bed avoiding her nap time:

"Where the music princesses go?"

Me: "They probably went home to rest."

"No they not. They go home for lunch!"

Again, at nap time:

Me: "Gianna, you need to take a nap so we can go to church later. If you nap, we can go see 
Fr. Michael."

"NO. I not go see him."

Me: "Why not? He's your buddy."

"I don't like his dress."

"He wear his pants."

And that, my friends are some of the sounds going on at my house. I can barely imagine all the insightful conversation we'll be having in a few months or so when both little girls have a lot more to say!


  1. This made my morning, Sarah! Sweeeeet! : )

  2. SO funny! A look into my "near" future!

  3. So sweet, Sarah :) I especially had a good chuckle over the first one, "go play with Lily..." Love that picture of her. She looks so sweet and angelic and her hair looks so feathery soft. Hope you all have a great weekend!

  4. Oh, I love toddler talk. So adorable, especially on other people's kids!! :)


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