Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Royalty, Sleep And Toes


There's new royalty, a little Prince! George Alexander Louis

Isn't that just the cutest name? I think so.

Did you see William and Kate when they came out of the hospital to show the world that little boy? They are so cute, those two.

Guess what else I noticed? Kate wasn't ashamed to show the world that she had a postpartum belly. She didn't try to disguise the fact that just 27 hours earlier she had given birth. Good for you Kate!

That just put you at the top of my Bravest Woman of the Week list. You go, girl!


In other royalty news, MN Twins catcher, Joe Mauer is a new dad.

To TWIN girls, Emily and Maren.

Not that it matters to me a whole lot, but in this state he's kind of like royalty so he deserves the publicity.


In order to be in solidarity with the royals, the two year old decided that sleepless nights this week would help us out We are not impressed and essentially almost feel like we have a newborn in the house. This may or may not make some of us grumpy and sluggish. - Sorry you're not getting enough sleep but be glad you don't have to stay up all night to avoid being eaten by predators.


Above mentioned toddler is has also been attempting some potty training. Last week she insisted she was 'poopy' (which means she's wet) when she was even the slightest bit damp. We were going through WAY too many diapers so figured we'd give undies a whirl. I still have the thick training ones that you put the plastic liner over from back in the day with Lily, so we're using those. I'm trying to be more laid back in my approach since both kids took nearly forever and were over three years old when they were finally successful. 
Some success and some misses this week. I think this would be easier if God had chosen not to give me three (so far) stubborn children.


We've been taking Jonah to speech therapy this summer after a recommendation and then some testing this spring. He's making good progress and working on self correcting when we are practicing at home. The therapist is also suggesting now that he see another therapist because he doesn't always have the proper breath support when talking. I was feeling a bit defeated the other week when she was pointing this out and potentially more work/sessions for him. Then he came home the other day and the therapist suggests that he is perhaps straining his vocal chords when talking. This would mean issues in the future and we should maybe take him to an ENT doctor to check for nodules on his vocal chords. *sigh* 

I know this is all 'preventative' and she's just making suggestions, but I can't help but be concerned. And then feel like I was a neglectful mom when we dismissed his speech over the years because we were told he was young and it would work itself out. 

Prayers for guidance would be appreciated.


Yesterday was Jonah's name day, the feast of St. James (his middle name). We try to honor each of our children on their name day or do something at least a little special on that day. Jonah's is a little extra special because he gets to celebrate with my dad, James, too.

We met my parents and went to a local Mary Garden to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet. The garden was beautiful and so peaceful since it was just after a little rain shower.

We followed up with treats at the Dairy Queen. We make sure name days are like birthdays and always involve sugar  a treat of some sort.

Gianna has become a huge fan of nail polish this summer. She has a big sister who likes to change her toenail polish color on a regular basis, so she's always up for a new color too.
This week's choice was neon green.

 It's an interesting color on little toddler feet, but add in her amazing top of the foot tan line and it totally works.

Stop at Jen's for even more Quick Takes to get your Friday rolling.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


  1. Loved the new Prince excitement this week too Sarah...and agree with you about the cuteness of that Royal a family. : )

    Prayers for your mommy heart as you work with your son's speech. Listen to that heart...

    Have a great weekend!

  2. When you get discouraged, just think of Simeon and all the speech therapy he will need. It starts when he turns 2 in December. Seriously, he will need to go at least 2x/wk and possible home visits on top of that. Just remember that whatever you do now, will help him and it will be such a short time, really in the big scope of things, very short time. Prayers for you though, I get it.

    Love the baby toes--so cute.

    And that sleep thing? I don't know from night to night who is going to keep me up. It's always someone. It's very rare for me to go to bed and not wake up til morning. It happened twice this summer.

  3. People told me for years that eamon would outgrow his lisp, but he'll be 7 soon and still has it. Glad I went with my gut and did speech anyway. You just do what you can and don't worry about anything until you get the official diagnosis. God will provide, you know that :-)

    And did you really buy a ticket??? I'm sooooo happy!

  4. I too am very glad that the Duchess was really about the fact that Day 1 postpartum there is definitely a bump. Such a sweet family!
    We hope to do 'name days' too, thanks for the suggestions.
    Prayers for peace regarding how many specialists, how much intervention.
    Baby toes, cutest!!

  5. Sweet post, Sarah. ALL OF IT! My favorite? The neon toes! And yes! We will keep Jonah (and his mama) in our prayers. Hang in there!


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