Saturday, July 6, 2013

Simple Saturday {Link-Up}

I have yet to meet a link up I didn't like and when it's something simple like Simple Saturday, how could I not join in? Surely you've noticed my blog has been filled to overflowing with link ups, photos of family randoms we're up to and really not a whole lot else. 

I blame summer. And mommy brain. I've got nothin'.

Normally hosted by Iris at Country Girl's Daybook (a new read for me), but this weekend is hosted by Dwija, Simple Saturday is sharing whatever you'd like with clear words, simple speech and maybe a photo (or several). Keep it simple, because that's what Saturday's all about.

I'm joining in!

A simple Saturday at home playing catch up, mowing the lawn and then off to our small town parade in the afternoon. It's a simple life sometimes, but it's a full life. 

The tiniest princess in her royal baby stroller carriage. A stroller made for dolls and she's a DOLL, so why not? The fourth child really does get to have all the fun ya know. I wouldn't have EVER let this fly with the first two.

Pre-parade game face. Actually, Margaret with one of our littlest great-nieces. I think she was just starting to think how she'd like to be a big sister....and then the parade started.

Parade time!

Post-parade and this is the best we got. A simple shot of life as we know it on a daily basis. Not always paying attention, not always ready, not always together, but just the way we are.

Simple Family on a Simple Saturday.

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