Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Five Favorites


About a month ago I purchased a Food Network silicone spoon at Kohls. I was up for a new kitchen tool and thought I'd see if I liked the silicone. And I do! I bought the yellow colored one on sale and with my $10 Kohls cash I had that day it was FREE. It makes me enjoy this spoon even more.


How about some more nail polish, shall we? My new color for my piggies is Pure Ice in Jack Pot. It's the perfect compliment to those flip-flop tan line feet. (not pictured)

(Also not my fingernails)


The girls got a Step 2 water table for Christmas and they've been thoroughly enjoying it this summer. It is a great distraction on those hot summer days when I don't want to pull out the pool. 
I highly recommend them for the toddlers.


My chocolate of choice has become Twix. Preferably, peanut butter Twix, but I'm finding they are a rare commodity. Instead of grabbing a checkout aisle Twix when I get the urge, instead I've been getting 10 pks of fun size for $1.00. They are just enough candy for me to be satisfied with just one (with a little self control) and I only eat them a few times a week at most. Good for my caloric intake and my budget.


This spring I bought a couple of Target's Mossimo short sleeve cardigans
I consider them more like a bollero jacket, but lightweight enough to still wear when it's cool in the summer. I like to pair mine with a tank top underneath and they work for casual or even throw them on over a summery dress.

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  1. Just discovered the magic that is a water table this summer from Patty over at Reasons For Chocolate! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. I'm heading over to look at those cute cardi/shrugs now. Do they run big?

    1. are you asking for me? Ok, thanks! You can't be asking for you, if so, a small "gag" is on the way.

  3. I am kicking myself for not getting one for C's birthday. We ultimately got a little climber with a slide and he loves that too, but man I wish I had the water table.


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