Monday, March 29, 2010

If Your Husband Is Turning 40...

Part II

...You will want to throw him a party.

But he's declared numerous times over the last few years that a surprise party would NOT be welcome, so instead it is agreed that an invitation to supper just for family only, is more than sufficient.

And, because he's your elder and all, you'll decide that what HE wants is what HE shall get.

Simple and Sweet. But still Fun.

If you're throwing your husband a party, it would hardly be fun without one of your closest friends. And when that friend is a priest and offers to celebrate Mass in your home, you call and invite the guests to arrive early.

It is Palm Sunday Mass that will be at your home after all. How wonderful is that?

Afterward, you will eat, drink and be merry as you join together in celebrating a pretty amazing man.

If you are all gathered for a party, there should be at least one party game. Why not test how well everyone knows the Birthday Boy? (You may even be amazed at what you did not know about your beloved hubby)

A cake will be needed and while you settle for just store-bought, you'll be glad when it turns out just right.

And it looks like the Birthday Boy agrees.

Of course there will be candles for every year, which creates an awfully bright cake.

Because you were having such a good time chatting and enjoying yourself, you will forget to take photos of most of the evening. And, well, not everyone will want to be featured on your blog any way. So that's okay.

When all is said and done, everyone will have had a good time including the 40 year old most of all.

In the end the wife will realize that 40 is just another number and not one to be afraid of. Yes, the hair is thinner and a few more wrinkles are visible, but that sweet 40 year old man is still one of the best darn guys there are around.

And you'll be glad that he's yours. And even more excited that you still have most of your thirties left to enjoy with your much older husband. Hehe...


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